RetiredAndAngry Is Moving

I’ve pondered this for a while, and to be honest the thought of starting over from scratch filled me with dread, and then I discovered some nifty ‘cheats’ and life didn’t seem so bad.

Rebuilding my blog elsewhere turned out to be relatively simple and quick, and enables me to freshen it up and brings about some functionality that I fancied and was missing from the original.  You may stumble across a few duplicate posts just for the next few days.

I’ve got two more blogs queued up on here for 15th and 16th May and I shall post those two in duplicate deliberately so be patient with me for just a few days, than after the 16th RetiredAndAngry will live at

Hopefully I’ve carried everything across, but if you come across something that doesn’t work by all means let me know.

If all else fails, I can always come back here if I don’t like the neighbours at my new home.

One thought on “RetiredAndAngry Is Moving

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