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summer.jpgOne of a growing band of folk disillusioned with the coalition government and its determination to privatise everything that’s good about this country.  Feel free to come back and visit from time to time, and I hope you can take something away with you.

I spent 30 years in the Met, was chastised by many for retiring so young, at the ripe old age of 50, and then went to work for The Metropolitan Police Authority as a Forensic Auditor, where I found out 1st hand a) how a Police Authority operates, and b) how easy it was to rip-off the Met (not me, naughty people)

In 2005 my wife and I packed our bags and set off for the red wine and sunshine of South West France, but for a number of reasons we came back in 2011 and are now settled in DeadBadgerShire where the wind is always blowing, the rain is always raining and the sunshine is a rare commodity.

The longer this government (and my blog) goes on the more I realise what a totally arrogant, cynical bunch they appear to be.

We seem to be getting fed official statistics that owe more to Jackanory than what is truly happening in the big, wide world.

I have always been the sort of person that will take up cudgels against unfairness and injustice even when it’s blatantly obvious that I’m about to lose.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am opposed to corruption in any form and in any area of our lives.  It has no place in the Police, no place in Central Government, no place in Local Government, in fact no place anywhere.  I need to state that as there are some who doubt my opposition to it, if the evidence is there, go where it takes you.

Hence the blog, I hope you like it.

52 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Like your latest I could not have said it better having been in the met from 1968 with the good old OB and book 12a. 34 years later and another 10 interviewing young people and vulnerable adults before being made redundant so that all those extra Police Officers you see on the street now days can do their own ( if they are trained of course ) We had the best days thats for sure.

  2. Enjoyed reading about the Home Sec’s pussy, and like yourself I am retired and angry, and have been trying to get chief constables to arrest ministers for the crime of treason

  3. I’m a retired and angry local goverment officer who has just discovered and very much enjoys the blog. Keep up the good work.
    PS I found this on the Acpo site.
    “Confidence in the police is a constant talking point in the mass media at the moment, even though confidence has been fairly steady for the last six years”

  4. John to be fair Confidence in politicians has been fairly steady to over the same period, Oh yes but well below that confidence in the Police ! Still here Retired and Angry.

  5. To Retired & Angry Sorry to say this, but for all your experience, by blaming ‘the coalition government’ you are proving yourself very naïve.
    It is not just ‘this government’, it is THE STATE – an Orwellian Police State!
    As one who was proud to be British till the age of 70 it grieves me to say so, but the BIGGEST tragedy is that most of the British people are happy for it to be so, grateful for the perks from being part of it, or too brainwashed to see, or too frightened to speak up. Mind you, though the cowardice is regrettable, the fear is understandable: Look at what happens to those who DO speak up! (me for one)
    Having served on the Arctic Convoys & in the Scharnhorst battle of WW2 (See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-21845753 ) worked honestly & hard all my life, at the age of 85 I was sent to prison by a sadistic judge for Contempt of Court.
    Two years later two MORE prison sentences were imposed on me by Lord Chief Justice Lord Igor Judge (no less!) – the very top judge in England!
    Fortunately, I had belatedly realised that Britain is not a safe place for those who dare to tell the truth & had fled the land of my birth for the Republic of Ireland, able to watch from afar the antics in that amusingly named place the Royal Courts of ‘Justice'(??)
    You will find more, including my email address, on http://www.normanscarth.blogspot.com Also go to Youtube & type my name.
    Norman Scarth
    PS: ‘Police State’ is not a true description. The police only act as boot boys for the Legal/Judicial Mafia. NS

    • Thanks for your comments Norman. I’m sorry you feel that way, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions and it’s not my intention to stifle opposing opinions on this blog. I have the utmost respect for ANYBODY who served on the Arctic Convoys, so thanks for everything, collectively and individually we owe you a lot.

  6. You disappoint me.
    Opinions? It was the legendary C.P.Scott, long-time editor of the greatly respected Manchester Guardian (now the slightly less respected Guardian) who laid down the dictum, “Facts are sacred, Comment is free”. I am continually surprised that so many people are unable to distinguish between the two.
    I was stating FACTS: You belittle me by referring to my ‘opinions’.
    Even MORE so by saying you are ‘sorry I feel this way’ – which is a way of saying you don’t believe a word I have written.
    You express NO sorrow that a World War II ‘Hero’ (as others have called me) has been forced to flee the land of his birth! THE LAND FOR WHICH HE FOUGHT ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!
    I suspect you have not yet looked at my blog, or looked at Youtube. .

  7. “If You Like My Blog Tell Your Followers, If Not Tell Me”. I accept your invitation. For a start, I don’t much care for anyone who asks for money – BUT HIDES BEHIND A PSEUDONYM! Angry? With three pensions, you have little cause to be angry. You claim to have ‘the greatest respect for me’. LIKE HELL YOU DO!
    IF you did, you would demand that every honest copper in Britain should demand to know why an Arctic Convoy veteran should have been forced to flee the land of his birth for fear of further attacks by your thuggish chums. Sadly there are very few honest coppers, & such as there are aren’t honest enough to speak out against the thugs. I doubt you have looked at my blog, or typed my name on Youtube.
    Why not give your proper name & address, & email address, as I do, in my blog?. Then start a fund for the many thousands who have been stitched up & beaten up by bent coppers? .
    Norman Scarth, 14 Willow Park Crescent, Athlone, Republic of Ireland.
    Email: againstcorruption@hotmail.co.uk .

    • If you were as good at arithmetic as you are at making such accusations you would realise that I do not get, draw or qualify for three pensions.

      As for hiding behind a pseudonym, you must be one of the few who doesn’t know who I am. I have EVERY respect for ANYBODY who served in the Arctic Convoys but that does give you sir the right to address me that way. Any further comments from yourself in such vein will not be tolerated. Please show others the respect you demand for yourself. If you choose to place your full postal address on the internet that is, of course, a matter for you, but I sir will not be following suit.

      As I am not raising money for myself, but but somebody else who has fallen foul of ‘the system’, what on earth does that have to do with a) my pension or b) you? Don’t donate, I’m not asking you to, I, however, HAVE donated (out of my pension)

      I thank you

  8. You INVITED those who do not like your blog to tell you.
    I TOLD you – & you throw a hissy fit!
    “One of the few who does not know who I am”?
    Your ‘fame’ does not spread as wide as you think!
    “Not be tolerated”? What arrogance!.
    “Fallen foul of the system”? If you think fiddling the crime figures is the worst of what your old mates get up to, you have led a VERY sheltered life. Or more like, you are laying a red herring, to distract people from the REAL horror of Police State Britain, which you MUST know about.
    Please delete me from your mailing list.

  9. Dear Retired and Angry Blogger

    I just wonder what you think the most effective way is to deal with Police who remove children on behalf of Social Workers and even arrest a Lithuanian mum and granny without paper work to ensure that the boy gets into the hands of the paedophile father. http://www.audroneb.wordpress.com

    That’s the latest example after http://www.pedrofamily.wordpress by Lincolnshire Police and quite a few other blogs and 6 minutes before the Petitions Committee in Brussels: http://victims-unite.net/2014/04/12/brussels-video-clips-on-tv-portuguese-bbc-look-north-and-now-slovak-tv/

    The normal statistics are 1,000 kids a month. Channel IV published a child every 20 minutes.

    The consensus is: sex, money or both, freemasonry and paedophilia as explanations.

    Have you had any such ‘inklings’?

    With deep sighs,

  10. ” I would certainly hope that the best interests of the child were always the priority.” 🙂 Just watch some of the videos on YouTube showing how the police regularly break the law by helping the SS abduct children. In a country like Britain, these children are often handed over to paedophile gangs. The SS get paid a bonus for every child they steal. Presumably, the police officers helping them get a share of the proceeds. Maybe not just in cash, either.

    • “The SS get paid a bonus for every child they steal” – Just ridiculous
      “Presumably, the police officers helping them get a share of the proceeds” – even more ridiculous
      Are you Norman’s wife?
      I suspect you are one of those trolls who goes around blogs sprouting your drivel
      As retiredandangry states, the priority would always be the welfare of the child. Unless you are a member of Lambeth council of course

  11. Ideas? These are documented facts. Britain is the centre of an international child-trafficking industry turning over, it is said, 30 billion Euros per annumn. Social workers get paid a bonus for every child they place in “foster care”. They often do so with fake court documents. This is a crime. The police invariably assist them in these criminal acts. One has to ask what their motive is. Is it just for the fun of tormenting people? Are they getting kick-backs from the SS? Or is there a more sinister reason? Here’s one example of how these criminals operate. This family have had all their children stolen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JinZDKglVdQ

    • We supposedly live in a democracy, and you are entitled to your own beliefs. You are not, however, entitled to demand that I share them. You have made your point and good luck with your campaign, but I shall not be supporting it.

  12. Never said otherwise. And I have certainly not “demanded” you share my views. Even retired cops can’t get out of the habit of taking down what you say, twisting it around and lying about it. Old habits die hard, eh? I apologise for confusing you with the facts when you have clearly made up your mind already.

  13. I would have thought, once you’re retired, you’d be entitled to focus your campaigning energies on topics of your own choice and to evince a level of anger at the frustration each engenders as you judge appropriate.

    If some bull charges into a china shop, all horns flailing, then criticises the vendor for selling china rather than helping him find silage, it’s a shame if silage later turns out to be as beneficial in the long term as cups and saucers would have been to friendly negotiations with silage sources over tea..

  14. Investigating Rape

    Hello James

    May I take you back in history?

    I came across your name in the Melanie Newman article of November 19, 2013 on this topic when trying to find some way of a third party reporting a series of attacks on another person

    May I send you a copy of a letter I wrote to Newman demonstrating how the mishandling by the MET of a series of harassment claims made by my friend actually ended up with her being raped and then being sexually abused, two separate events thus far


    Henry Webb

  15. Spotted in an Evening Standard article about Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy
    “The Metropolitan Police have posted round-the-clock police officers outside the building ever since, costing an estimated £10,500 a day.”
    Either there are a hell of a lot of them or Met overtime rates are pretty good!

  16. Yes, expense always seems unlimited and immediately ring-fenced for any war

    or to fence in any troublemaking leaker

    or to unfence (often underhandedly and with scant pretence of legality) any awkward whistleblower or journalistic source

    – just so long as the public image, which these actions will later tarnish, isn’t currently seen to be tarnished..

  17. I assume you are happy to see that officers can no longer “retire” before being investigated? As far as police numbers being reduced, which is something nobody wants to see what is your opinion on officers that are serving that have convictions for fraud/assault etc? Should they be allowed to serve and shouldn’t they be the first to make way?

    • I don’t think that ANY officer who has a criminal conviction for violence or dishonesty (and others) should be allowed to continue to serve. Years ago it was accepted that the officer would be sacked on the day he/she left Court with a conviction. Somehow some leaway crept into the system, but no, my personal opinion is that, in general, officers with criminal convictions should be dismissed.

  18. Retired and Angry, what was that old saying ” You don’t have to find them, they seem to find you” Still here and chilling !

  19. It is very sad that your blog is not headed: Corruption at College of Policing – because the COP needs to be exposed for the unethical organisation that they truly are. Please read this which is about to be edited and resubmitted showing further evidence of the College’s corrupt stance including how they openly breach the Data Protection act and then get other forces to do their dirty work for them. In my case – South Yorkshire Police. http://bit.ly/1nQuJi1

  20. Please contact me with information. I retired from the Fire Service in 2005. I need an introduction to the FB page. My wife has a FB account and has requested to join but we need an introduction. I actually don’t want to join FB just to see this information . I would be greatful for your help. Thanks Mark.

    • What SHOULD happen now Mark is that your Pension Administrator should calculate what you are owed and simply pay it into your account, hopefully within the next few weeks, so long as you commuted at least some of your pension.

      Whilst they are all extremely busy there is no harm in contacting your Pensions Administrator and reminding them that you exist, but I don’t suppose they will reply very promptly.

      For somebody in your position it is now really a case of sitting and waiting, or you can get an update from the FBU (I believe their website has a lot of info on the subject) as they had a huge part in this success

      Good luck

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