Another #Donut For Tom Winsor Please

So, the first (or the first that I have seen anyway) results of Mr Tom Winsor’s famous Police Fitness Tests have been released by the College of Policing.

Out of 30,000 officers from 39 Forces, sorry, Services, only 851 ‘failed’ although the tests do not become compulsory until next year.  The national police lead for fitness testing, ACC Rob Price, said the results showed the vast majority of officers tested were fit.  No shit Sherlock, even I can work that one out.

The only thing about these test results that bothers me is that there seems to be a slight disparity in Male vs Female that I have not yet seen addressed.  Of those who failed the test, 253 were male and 598 female.  After taking part in the 15-metre “bleep” shuttle run test, about 253 of the 22,078 male officers who took part (an average of 1%) and 598 of 7,969 female officers (an average of 8%) were unsuccessful.

I’m nowhere near brave enough to suggest that our female officers are not fit, so I will suggest that maybe the tests as they currently stand, disadvantage the female officers.  After all it was EIGHT TIMES as many that failed.

There are no figures yet available for the Metropolitan Police, the country’s largest force, or for Lancashire, Gloucestershire and Cumbria.

Humberside and Northumbria Police were the only two forces that boasted a 100% pass rate for both male and female officers.

The worst failure rates were seen in by police forces in Suffolk (7%), the West Midlands (5.8%), West Mercia and Warwickshire (5.6%), and Gwent (5.5%).

Winsor also recommended that from 2018 the tests should be made harder, using challenges based on the type of things an officer might face on duty, but this is being considered by the College of Policing in case it negatively impacts on women.  I would suggest that it already is, but Winsor wouldn’t take any notice of that would he?

He likes to wear a fancy uniform from time to time maybe he could do one of his fitness tests, just a thought.


#AllInThisTogether? or #ThemAndUs?

I’ve been slowly musing over this since yesterday, and it’s not going away.

There have been those amongst who have criticised @PeterKirkham for calling the Home Secretary a ‘fuckwit’ on Twatter recently.

If that’s his view, that’s fine, we’re all entitled to our view and we’re entitled to express it (well most of us are anyway).  That nice ex Policing Minister chappie, what’s his name? oh yes, Nick Herbert, tried to score a cheap point by repeating Peter’s comment live on BBC’s Daily Politics show.  And then the press went on to call it a ‘slip’ by Herbert. Slip my ****, he knew exactly what he was doing, and made no apology for it, just tried to belittle Peter Kirkham.

Not content with that Herbert took to Twatter yesterday to try and curry favour from his local Police and PCC in getting an illegal’ rave shut down.  Now as the former Policing Minister Herbert should have known full well that closing down illegal raves is no-one’s Policing Priority.  He should have known full well that on a Sunday morning there would not have been sufficient resources available to close it down anyway thanks to Cruella de May’s draconian cuts on Policing reducing numbers by 16,000 globally, Sussex have already lost 350 of their 3,180 or 11% of their establishment, a policy that Nick Herbert is only too well aware of and no doubt approves of whole heartedly.  But that did not stop him Twatting this yesterday morning;


Nick Herbert @nickherbertmp


@DCCGilesYork @KatyBourne @Sussexpcc Can u help? MT @prbod illegal rave continuing at Devils Dyke & disturbing peace of South Downs villages

A direct request to Sussex Temporary Chief Constable and PCC for help in shutting down this rave.  Can anybody else do that?  Do we now publish SMT and PCC Twitter addresses for ordinary folk to contact rather than dial 101 or whatever the number is today?

No Nick, they can’t help. It’s not the right method for contacting the Emergency Services in a non Emergency Situation and there wouldn’t have been enough resources on duty anyway.



Do or should the political classes have privileged access to senior Police Officers and PCCs?  I did think that PCCs were not meant to interfere with operational policing, Mr Herbert presumably has a different idea.

These politicians have no idea what living and working in the real world is all about.

Anger Is Most Definitely Blue

So, Cruella de May delivered her speech to the Police federation Conference 2014 yesterday.  I have to admit I didn’t catch it live, I couldn’t stand the prospect of throwing something hard and heavy, and the damage that might wreak.

A lot of the papers this morning have got it wrong, the Police Federation is NOT a Trade Union, never has been a Trade Union, and I seriously doubt it ever will be.  Can you imaging a government of any colour agreeing to that?

I watched her opening salvos one the 10 o’clock news last night and was seriously unimpressed with her body language.  This was a Government Minister who had come to fight, she wasn’t about to take shit from anybody.  Aggressive, cold and uncompromising.  I’m absolutely convinced that a huge percentage of that was directly attributable to her treatment at the hands of the Police Federation previously.  She waited her time then served her vengeance cold,  Predictable and perfectly understandable.

She criticised officers for, in some instances, displaying a “contempt for the public” in their handling of sensitive cases.

Citing excessive stop and search inflicted on black communities and failures in handling domestic violence cases, May said problems appeared to lie with a significant minority of officers rather than just “a few bad apples”.

I’m not getting involved in whether those examples are good or bad examples, but what the hell do they have to do with the Annual Police Federation Conference?  Just an opportunity to Bash The Police knowing it would make media headlines.

She pledged to break the powerful federation, announcing an end to its automatic right to enrol police officers as its members, in effect curtailing the closed shop in policing .  Apart from the fact I haven’t a clue what she was talking about here, membership of the Federation has always been voluntary, it’s an exceedingly aggressive stance “vowing to break the ‘powerful’ Federation”, and what’s the alternative?  Membership of the Federation or membership of NOTHING. She’ll never allow a Trade Union so what on earth is she talking about?  Who/what can you join if you don’t fancy the Federation?  If you want to stop a perceived Closed Shop you have to offer an alternative other than NOTHING.

Will Riches, one of two candidates to be the federation’s chair, said afterwards the reaction of delegates to the speech was one of “shock and bewilderment”.

Ian Pointon of Kent police branded the speech vitriolic. He said of the Home Secretary: “This morning she left as a bully.”

Cruella included  Hillsborough, the death of Ian Tomlinson and allegations of corruption in the Lawrence and Daniel Morgan murders. She also cited the Plebgate affair, which cost Andrew Mitchell his cabinet job after he allegedly swore at a member of Downing Street’s police staff which Mitchell denies., and the refusal of officers to answer questions from their own watchdog – which she said the federation encouraged.

Plebgate is probably the only one that was relevant to the Conference, the others just a bit of Bobby Bashing.

The police must change

“I can already hear some of you say, “but the opinion polls show confidence in the police hasn’t changed.” And that is indeed true. The opinion polls show consistently that about two thirds of the public trust the police to tell the truth. But that is no reason to rest on our laurels, because we should never accept a situation in which a third of people do not trust police officers to tell the truth.”

The Fed must change too

“I do not want to have to impose change on you, because I want you to show the public that you want to change. I want you to show them that you have the best interests of the police and of the public at heart. But make no mistake. If you do not make significant progress towards the implementation of the Normington reforms, if the Federation does not start to turn itself around, you must not be under the impression that the government will let things remain as they are.

The Federation was created by an Act of Parliament and it can be reformed by an Act of Parliament. If you do not change of your own accord, we will impose change on you.”

The Government must also change

Nope, never heard her say that.  The public trust politicians far less than they trust the Police but apparently they don’t need to change

This Government has already demonstrated that it is perfectly willing to change laws in order to get its own way, it has already done so on numerous occasions, making unlawful policies lawful by changing the Law.  Arrogant, childish and BULLYING in my opinion.

So all in all I’m glad I didn’t risk the integrity of my TV/Computer by watching her speech live, but now we know what colour Anger is, most definitely BLUE.

A Very Peculiar Practice

In the early hours of this morning I read that the nice Andrew Mitchell MP  has ‘challenged’ Sir Bernard Hogan-Who to release all of the #Plebgate evidence into the public domain.

According to an article in today’s Torygraph Mitchell has written to BHH and told Sir Bernard that he must publish transcripts and records from the Met’s private hearings relating to the officers involved in the Plebgate row.

It is claimed in this Torygraph article that nice Mr Mitchell has been allowed to attend the private disciplinary hearings, and take notes of the evidence heard there.  WTF?

Following the end of the hearings, Mr Mitchell wrote to Sir Bernard challenging him to release full transcripts of all the hearings.

In his letter, Mr Mitchell said that he had heard evidence in the hearings that should be put in the public domain, including that the Met’s own investigation had established that: “one of the PCs who obstructed my exit from Downing Street on 19th September 2012 was texting [their] involvement in the affair as it became public (21st September 2012) and claiming “I can topple the Tory Government”, and that the hearings had produced evidence of exchanges between officers suggesting that they were “colluding with the Police Federation to fan the flames for political reasons”.

Mr Mitchell included in his letter  “While I wish to say that the way these hearings were run was undoubtedly fair and proper I am deeply concerned that they were held in private and were not open to public and journalistic scrutiny”, and, “I am deeply concerned that if any of the information is withheld, and any hint of a cover-up is left in the public mind, a signal will be sent that the police can get away with doing this to people who would have no chance to fight back and public confidence will be yet further undermined.”

Serious allegations Mr M, very serious indeed.

I’m not privileged to those hearings,I have no idea if Mr Mitchell’s claims float or not, but what the f*** was he doing there?  When did it become acceptable practice to have a serving (tarnished) MP sit in on Disciplinary hearings that he was involved in?

More to the point, when did it become even vaguely acceptable to have ANYBODY sit in on a Disciplinary hearing that is embroiled in unresolved legal proceedings concerning the very same issue?

‘Private Disciplinary Hearings’, there’s a clue there, PRIVATE (except to the privileged few)

I do hope that PFEW will challenge this when they’ve finished their conference.  I’m sure that the release of this new twist was entirely coincidental and NOT aimed to coincide with Conference, Mitchell wouldn’t do that, would he?

In the meantime I shall leave you with this;




The End of a Chapter

As you all know I have been banging the drum and asking you all to donate for James Patrick.

Good news – he has now received all the monies donated so far, and has found some employment to help towards his legal costs for his Employment Tribunal, which is due for hearing in September I believe.

James has publicly thanked his donors via Twitter and he sends his thanks to all of you who don’t Twat, or whatever it’s called.  Accordingly he has asked me to stop fundraising on his behalf, so that is exactly what I am doing.

Onwards and upwards, good luck with your Tribunal, your work with COPACC and your new venture into the world of novella writing.  This chapter has ended, let’s see what the next one holds.

It’s been fun, I’ll have a sleep now, and maybe get a new quill.

The James Patrick Update

James Patrick is now plain old Mr Patrick, PC James Patrick belongs to a different life.

Monies raised to date are in the process of being transferred to James and his wife now that he has left the employ of the Metropolitan Police Service,and has yet, as far as I am aware, to find another gainful employment.  That is far from the end of the story.

Many of you have already donated and I am not about to ask you to donate again, that is entirely your business, and you can make that decision without any influence from me.

There have been significant donations from abroad, Canada, USA, Switzerland and Africa, from people who do not know James, but appreciate the position that he is in and have donated to the fund.

I am simply asking this;

If you haven’t already donated please consider doing so now.  I know that some of you have had some reservations about donating to this appeal for a variety of reasons, and some have expressed concerns about using a Paypal account for the purpose.

All I can say in reply is that James IS receiving the monies raised, and, while I haven’t asked him, I’m sure he would be willing to confirm that fact, so if you haven’t previously donated, please consider doing so now.

Thank you

From within your opening screen (after logging in to your account) choose Send Money

Send it to the following email address


Enter the amount in GBP you wish to send

Click on “I’m sending money to family or friends” This option should be free of charges unless you pay by Credit Card and the money ends up in exactly the same account as if you had pressed the Donate Button.

A little more complicated and it only works for Paypal account holders but every fee that we can reduce is more for the Fighting Fund

For more info please see

I thank you

Please do it for James. #Justice4PCPatrick


More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

There most certainly is.

If you live and work in the UK, at, say, maybe somewhere like the Met for example, you could be what they like to call a ‘Whistleblower’.  You can report wrongdoing, corruption, unacceptable practices, maybe even dodgy #Crimestats to your management, the bosses, those people that have taken the place of Leaders in the Met.  In return you can get shafted, publicly maligned, bullied, humiliated, forced to the point of taking your employer to a Tribunal only to be deprived by them of all your income.  I have it on good authority that things like that happen occasionally. Allegedly.

Or you could do it the Irish way. No this is not a Paddy joke, bear with me, read on.

Irish barrister Sean Guerin conducted an investigation into claims of corruption and malpractice in the Garda after allegations by Garda Whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

The report vindicates Sgt McCabe, but finds that Garda Síochána and former minister for justice Alan Shatter failed in their duties to properly investigate matters raised by Sergeant McCabe.

The report  says that a comprehensive commission of investigation is “desirable in the public interest” to ensure “continuing confidence in the institution of An Garda Síochána and the criminal justice system”.

Responding to the report, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said that a root and branch analysis of the policy and practice of the administration of justice in Ireland is now needed. Mr Kenny said the Dail would debate the content of the Guerin report next week and he would welcome the contributions of all members.

This is not just about politics, it is about getting it right for the people of our country, for the citizens, for the next generation, for everybody to have integrity, belief and faith in the Garda Siochana, in the accountability, in the transparency in the way it is run,” he said.

Sgt McCabe expressed his thanks to Fianna Fail leader Michael Martin for taking on his case and forwarding his file outlining his concerns over garda conduct to Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Mr Guerin found that the “overall impression given by the internal Garda investigative process was that complaints or matters of concern were put through a process of filtration or distillation so that, by the end of the process, any matter of concern had been removed as a form of impurity, and only what was good was found to remain.”   Maybe that sounds familiar to some of you, I don’t know.

You can read the full press report here.

There is/was a campaign in the Met called the Do It Right campaign.  Come on MPS – Do It Right