Sshhhhh, can you hear it?………………….Neither can I.

That is EXACTLY the reaction to my survey, and its results.

I have received a few comments, both public and private, from my readers, and I’ve been amazed, and occasionally humbled, by the support I have had from some of my non-Police readers, the main protagonists will know who you are and I sincerely thank you.

I have forwarded a copy of the results to the Home Office, HMIC,  various politicians, Boris and his Deputy, the Association of PCCs, various offices of the Police Federation inc Head Office, an assortment of journalists, newspapers and News Channels, Trade Unions, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.


Many on that list are not subject to the ‘rules’ of Purdah (See Cate Moore’s excellent piece Purdah (she wrote)). Almost all are at Liberty to communicate with me privately.


Everybody on that list, when ‘off duty’ is a citizen, and as such will require and depend upon the Police at some time. It is no use waiting until it’s too late, the time to speak out is NOW. One of our colleagues is currently busy pointing out that cuts to Policing form no part of any party’s pre-election agenda.


Indeed, the reverse is true. Some people following a Slash and Burn Policy are only too quick to blame the Police when things go ‘wrong’.  Who was it who tried to short-cut the system in an attempt to get a ‘Rave’ closed down, then complain when it wasn’t?

Amusingly, this attracted an appropriate response;

We are in a period of Purdah, it’s Easter Weekend but the facts speak for themselves. Much less than half of the people who read my original blog completed the survey for me. As at now, approx 500 people have viewed the results of the survey. It has been forwarded to the list above and what was the result of all that?


If nothing else Journalists and Newsdesks do not sleep. If they felt that there was a newsworthy story to be followed they would be all over it, Bank Holiday or not. So what do I read into their SILENCE? They clearly think that there’s no story there. I can be Twatted, emailed, comment left on blog – SILENCE.

The number of people here, and on Twatter, who regularly engage can definitely be measured in double figures. From the rest – SILENCE.

The solution seems simple, stop banging head on brick wall, and stop annoying folk. 

Camoron, May, Hogan-Who, Milky Bar Kid et al can all relax.

 The Quill rests


14 thoughts on “SILENCE

  1. Don’t you dare put down your quill. There silence will be proven in time to be there downfall. It will show that there was a solution they just chose to ignore it. You must if humanly possible continue and keep telling them how much better it could be and how wrong they are

      • Ranting is good, I enjoy a good rant. I agree with the above tho’. You are one of the good men you and Chris Hobbs should be defined as such in History. Just because you haven’t succeeded so far doesn’t mean you won’t prevail. Keep crusading, I will back with my trusty steed soon to help do the running repairs as you carry on throwing down the gauntlet.

  2. A lack of response from those who couldn’t care less is not a surprise to you surely? Don’t let the apathetic and morally bankrupt stop you writing. You are writing BECAUSE they are apathetic and morally bankrupt…… Sharpen that quill and get stuck in. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Their SILENCE compounds their GUILT. Please never stop speaking the truth & verbalising the catastrophic neglect and indifference shown by those who should be safeguarding us. They want you to stop, we NEVER want you to put the quill down.

  4. Just wait till the next riots where the Police cannot manage to control or take effective action due to lack of resorces.It will be too late then.Just wait it will be all the fault of the Police FORCE the fact warnings of this have been pointed out numerous times are just ignored.If civil unrest doesn’t involve the Westminster Village nothing will change.

  5. Your feelings are entirely understandable, however, an obvious repost is to quote Edmund Burke, something lkie ‘All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’. Keep the faith and we shall prevail!

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  7. Hey don’t dare rest your quill. The more of us that are ‘at it’ the more difficult it will be for the men in black on motorbikes. Mind you it is so frustrating that with an election looming no-one seems concerned about police cuts. The Tory press (tho’ not all individual journos by a long way) hate us so our views won’t be aired there and the left wing press hate us as they are still in the thrall of the likes of Abbott.
    Enemies to the right of us, enemies to the left of us; thank goodness for the majority of the public. Tragically though they are only vaguely aware of the issues because they are not being told. PFEW where are those full page ads asking questions re policing of all parties so this purdah finger can’t be pointed?

    • I’m regrouping and assessing what form my blog might take in the future. I have received enough support to convince me to carry on, but not sure that Causes and Crusades are the way to go. Being accused of operating a Nigerian Scam is enough to make anybody take stock, but fortunately the vast majority have been supportive, and I truly appreciate that, so Mr Angry may well ride again, but maybe on a different horse.

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