The Future Shape Of The Police Service – The Survey Results

Firstly I would like to thank every single one of you that took a few minutes to answer the questions. About 165 of you took the time to answer the questions, although not everybody answered all the questions, but at least it has given me a better idea of what YOU the Public want the shape of the Police Service to be, a heartfelt Thank You.

It hasn’t been the most scientific survey you’ll ever come across but it’s methodology is just as valid as some of the Milky Bar Kid’s surveys, so I hope that’s OK.

The Polls are now closed, don’t try voting now as your might not be counted (trust me, it won’t)

So, here goes, these are YOUR answers to my questions;

A police pay committee recommends cutting the starting salary for officers to £19,000. Is this:-
No of Votes Percentage
Too Little 130 77%
Too Much 20 12%
About Right 12 7%
Other: 6 4%
If You Think That £19k Is Not Enough, How Much Should Starting Salary Be?
No Votes Percentage
£25,000 77 52%
£23,000 49 33%
£21,000 16 11%
Other: 7 5%
Are Direct Entry Inspectors A Good Idea?
No of Votes Percentage
No 140 92%
Yes 10 7%
Don’t Know 2 1%
Other: 1 1%
Are Direct Entry Superintendents A Good Idea?
Answer Votes Percent
No 135 89%
Yes 12 8%
Don’t Know 4 3%
Other: 1 1%
Should We Retain 43 Separate Forces As We Have Now?


Answer Votes Percent
No 103 67%
Yes 40 26%
Don’t Know 9 6%
Other: 2 1%
If You Answered NO To Last Question, Should We Have
Answer Votes Percent
9 or 10 Regional Forces? 63 54%
One National Force? 46 39%
Don’t Know 6 5%
Other: 2 2%
Should The Met Stay As A Separate Force?
Answer Votes Percent
Yes 108 71%
No 40 26%
Don’t Know 4 3%
Other: 1 1%
Excluding BTP There Were 127,000 Police Officers At End Of September 2014, Is This
Answer Votes Percent
Too Few? 130 86%
About Right? 12 8%
Don’t Know 5 3%
Too Many? 3 2%
Other: 1 1%
Police Stations And Front Counters Have Been Closed Across England & Wales – Is This
Answer Votes Percent
A Bad Thing? 138 92%
A Good Thing? 8 5%
Don’t Know 2 1%
Other: 2 1%
Many Forces Have A Single-Crewing Policy. Is This
Answer Votes Percent
An Unacceptable Risk? 77 51%
A Bad Thing? 51 34%
OK, But Not on Nights? 14 9%
A Good Thing? 4 3%
Other: 4 3%
Should ANY Aspect Of Policing Be Privatised?
Answer Votes Percent
No 105 72%
Yes 34 23%
Don’t Know 4 3%
Other: 3 2%
Should Police Procurement Be Outsourced (Privatised)?
Answer Votes Percent
No 95 63%
Yes 33 22%
Don’t Know 19 13%
Other: 3 2%
Should Non-Police Members of College of Policing Panels Be Subject To The Same Code of Ethics as Police Members?
Answer Votes Percent
Yes 133 90%
No 9 6%
Don’t Know 4 3%
Other: 1 1%


There Has Been Much Disagreement About The Above Badge – Should It Be Allowed To Be Displayed On Police Uniforms?
Answer Votes Percent
Yes 117 82%
No 15 11%
Don’t Know 9 6%
Other: 1 1%
There Have Been Substantial Changes To Police Pensions. Are These
Answer Votes Percent
Any Changes Should Only Apply To New Scheme Members 82 51%
A Bad Thing For All Members? 71 44%
Don’t Know 6 4%
A Good Thing For All Members? 3 2%
“Someone of only average fitness should be able to pass the test well into their 60s” Should Front Line Officers Retire Before Their 60s?
Answer Votes Percent
Yes 135 85%
No 16 10%
Don’t Know 4 3%
Other: 4 3%
At What Age Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Retire?
Answer Votes Percent
Any Age After 30 Years Service 77 49%
55 58 37%
50 15 9%
60 5 3%
Other: 3 2%
Based SOLELY On His Contribution To Policing Did Sir Tom Winsor Deserve His Knighthood?
Answer Votes Percent
No 130 88%
Don’t Know 14 10%
Yes 3 2%
The Public Were Never Consulted On Police & Crime Commissioners – Do You Think They’re A Good Idea?
Answer Votes Percent
No 106 93%
Yes 5 4%
Don’t Know 3 3%
How Important is Community Policing?
Answer Votes Percent
Very Important 79 70%
We Must Keep It 18 16%
We Don’t Need It 8 7%
Not Important At All 5 4%
Other: 2 2%
Don’t Know 1 1%



So, there we have it, 20 questions and many answers.

Anybody wanting to know what the OTHER answers are, please feel free to ask me, I’m not trying to hide them but it cluttered the page up and made things more difficult to read with them included.

Now to get people interested, please share this as widely as possible and feel free to send it to your local Police Force, Federation, PCC, Home Office, Local/National Media. It was a public poll and so are the answers.

Like it or not;


(Based on about 165 Responses)

8 thoughts on “The Future Shape Of The Police Service – The Survey Results

  1. It has been suggested that someone such as the Police Federation commission a national, independent survey to truly engage the public. Personally I can only think that this is a good idea and encourage the Fed to actively consider it, SOON

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  3. I love your comment ‘this is how the public want the police to be’ based on 165 responses from serving or ex-coppers I bet. The public would be ‘better off’ with a very limited but highly educated police force – unfortunately we get the likes of Sussex roads police – their arrogance and stupidity is unfortunately the reality: with confirmation bias being so uncommon that it is acceptable.

    • Sadly your comment “The public would be ‘better off’ with a very limited but highly educated police force” shows how you fail to understand the true nature of Policing and all it entails. Believe me you would NOT be better off with a trimmed down Police Service full of Graduates

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