Have Your say – Let’s Tell HMG How The Police Service SHOULD Be

In just a few weeks Call Me Dave will hopefully be an unpleasant memory, and regardless of who gets in the shape of Policing is destined to change even more than it has already.

I have devised a short series of questions to establish what the POPULATION thinks. Police, Ex Police, Never-Been-Police, all are welcome to take part.

Please RT as far as you can, the more answers we get, the more weight behind the arguments.

There is no particular order to the questions, merely how they came into my random mind.  If you want to suggest a SENSIBLE question please do so and I will include it.

Interim results will be published next Friday, 3rd April 2015.  Once the results are compiled I’ll have a crack at getting someone interested in them.

Thank you for your time and interest. Good Luck.


And now an extra question;

One more question, multiple choice;


2 thoughts on “Have Your say – Let’s Tell HMG How The Police Service SHOULD Be

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  2. Ever since this Government came to power, Cameron and May have carried out a nasty, vindictive and spiteful vendetta against the Police. They have between them…and Winsor….destroyed the very core of Policing, destroyed morale, repeatedly castigated and criticized Officers and Forces while cutting budgets to a dangerous low. You cannot Police on the cheap, though I am in no doubt that Mrs May would love her favorite private security company…that screwed up big time during the Olympics…G4S….to take over vast tracts of Policing so she can stand up and gloat that it is being done (badly) on a vastly reduced budget. When Forces such as Lincolnshire can only muster 1000 Officers for the whole of the County, The Met is seeing its Officer numbers fall drastically, other Counties are running with below minimum strengths, and you see Countries like France muster 90000 Police during the Charlie Hebdo incident…this country would fail miserably. Perhaps our dear Home Secretary can take off her kitten heels and don a pair of magnums, and go out on the beat, night duty, in one of London’s busy boroughs without her entourage…perhaps then, once she has been spat at, abused, punched, kicked and made to feel like the lowest of the low, perhaps then she will have some idea of what its like to be a much maligned Police Officer who is not only battling to keep crime down, but is battling an incompetent and lazy CPS, a judicial system that is a complete joke, Senior Officers who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, targets which change on a daily basis and don’t allow them to do their job properly, and see the goalposts moved weekly regarding crime figures, just to make this Government look good when they say ‘crime is down’…when its not. When the next lot of riots occur, and Police numbers are at a point where streets and whole tracts of cities are left to burn because there isn’t enough Officers to cope, and those Officers become victims of mobs, will this Government realize they have made a mistake? No…….. they’ll blame the Police.

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