Armed Police Attending Routine Calls-So What?

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with Armed Police attending routine calls. They are clearly not obliged to draw their weapons every time they get out of their vehicles. As is stated in the post, if the govt hadn’t decimated the 43 Police Forces this might not be necessary, but backup from an Armed Officer is infinitely preferable to NO backup


A little bit of uproar from certain members of the press this morning, about armed police officers attending “routine calls”.

This so called “Americanisation” of the police SERVICE, is utter rubbish.

For that to happen, we would ALL have to be armed, and, as everyone knows, we’re not.

If, as reported in the Telegraph, there is “widespread dismay” in Scotland that armed officers are attending various incidents that are not firearms related, then we’d all better get used to it.

The reason is very simple. Cuts to policing.

The service has lost somewhere in the region of 16,000 staff and officers over the past four years or so. And, as a consequence, there are fewer of us to attend roughly the same number of incidents. Something has to give, and this is what we’re seeing.

It’s being done out of necessity, not because someone thought it was brilliant idea.


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