734 – A Funny Old Number

Not quite a Jumbo Jet, but the number of Expenses Claims fraudulently made by Bob Blackman MP (allegedly).

You can find the story here.

Now there may be those amongst you who think I’m being mean-spirited and petty minded, and turning a claim for 2 miles into a claim for 10 miles is not a big deal. Well I happen to think that it IS a big deal. Not due to the amount of money that seems to have been over claimed, but the cynical method that seems to have been applied to a large number of claims.

If this was a Police Officer members of the public (and politicians, you can be certain of that) would be calling for heads to roll. People, quite rightly, expect and demand, the highest levels of integrity from their Police Officers, and, in the main, they get it.

Well I demand the highest levels of integrity from our politicians.

Why? Because, if for no other reason, THEY ARE THE LAW MAKERS.

I am sick to the back teeth of hearing Theresa May, amongst others, running our Police Officers into the ground, while other members of her party are still systematically screwing the expenses system.

The question was asked on Twitter this morning “has this been reported to the Police?” Well it certainly should be. There seems to be more than enough grounds to warrant a criminal investigation, yet IPSA seem to think that a slapped wrist is the appropriate sanction without referring it it onwards to the appropriate authority. How arrogant is that? One more example of the inappropriate use of the word Independent

Rant over, off to B&Q now to buy some Magnolia emulsion for Angry Towers, #Vanilla service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Or maybe not..


4 thoughts on “734 – A Funny Old Number

  1. How many parliamentarians are there and what percentage have been found in wrongdoing? Now how many of those have been prosecuted or referred for prosecution to be considered? Bet the percentages are much higher than those of the police

    Dorothy Williamson
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    Cabo Delgado

  2. Looks like a clear case of fraud to me. He is making a claim for something he shouldn’t. He is falsifying figures.Theresa May wants police to deal with crime. Then let them deal with this one.

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