The Sound Of Silence or Where Are You Mrs May?

I shall keep it short, you don’t want we twittering on, especially not on Christmas Eve.

It is now 24th December, a full 6 days since Constable Neil Doyle of the Merseyside Constabulary was tragically killed in Liverpool. I don’t wish to comment about the circumstances of his death but would rather let Justice run its natural course.

However, following on from Chris Hobbs’ rather excellent post on Monday I would just like to repeat his statement that we have yet to hear a single, solitary word from our esteemed Home Secretary, Theresa May, on the subject.

On the same subject, I can’t actually find any comment from David Cameron either.

I find this most unusual as they normally have such a lot to say about the Police. It must surely be an oversight. I can’t believe that they think so little of the British Police that they wouldn’t pay tribute to a fallen officer.

I can’t remember the last time a serving Home Secretary failed to acknowledge an officer tragically losing his/her life in similar circumstances. If anyone can provide me with a link to a relevant statement by the Home Secretary I will happily delete this post.

My sincere condolences go to the family, friends and colleagues of PC Doyle, may you receive all the support that you will need and that you deserve.