Let’s All Pull Together (Revisited)

I first posted this on another site in April, last year, but it seems as relevant now as it did then, possibly more so. So, here it is again :-

I am indebted to @Cate_a_Moore of Twitter fame for raising this issue today. Thank you Cate.

There have been several marches, demonstrations, petitions and arguements at various conferences over the future of so many public services. Police, NHS, Teachers, Coastguards, Armed Forces, Probation Officers, Lawyers, Firemen, Ambulance they are all under attack by this coalition government in the name of Reform.

Only today my old friends Policy Exchange seem to be promoting further privatisation of public services, although I must admit that I haven’t yet summoned up the enthusiasm to read beyond the synopsis.

What is needed, in my humble opinion, is ONE Campaign, similar to the #DoItRight campaign promoted by the Police Federation in tandem with one, co-ordinated campaign to raise public awareness of the threat to public services and the British way of life. Once they are gone it would take a miracle to restore them. Make no mistake this government doesn’t give one hoot what happens beyond 2015 because they will no longer be around, they are making themselves unelectable and they don’t care.

All of their (and Policy Exchange’s) ideas for Reform are being rushed through before 2015 with scant disregard for the consequences and long -term catastrophes. Short term profits for shareholders is all they seem to be interested in together with feathering their own nests for their retirements. I don’t really have an opinion on who heads up such a campaign and takes the ‘Lead’, but please Britain, why can’t we try it? Can anyone think of something better?

This arrogant ConDem coalition HAVE to be stopped before they disassemble Great Britain plc forever.

At the Big Picture we have blogged before on the various disasters that are being perpetrated by this government in the name of Reform, and it really is time to see The Big Picture. The future is out there and it really isn’t very bright. Join in, do your bit, Retweet this blog far and wide, make suggestions as to how we can move forward, but above all Stop This Government before they destroy everything that we have worked hard for and can still be proud of.


10 thoughts on “Let’s All Pull Together (Revisited)

  1. There is an error in your blog, while a part of this administration’s policy has been about reform, the main thrust of the cuts concerns addressing the structural deficit.

    Everybody hates the cuts – the challenge is what to do about the deficit.

    It’s like being concerned about the Titanic but saying nothing about the iceberg… what should we do about the iceberg, Alan?

  2. There is an error in your comment, while a part of this administration’s policy has been about bullying the most vulnerable, the main thrust of the cuts concerns avoiding applying them to their corporate funders, regardless of the loss of sovereignty this means for the electorate and consequent democratic deficit.

    Everybody hates Tory lies and party political Nudging & PR – the challenge is what to do about their victims.

    It’s like being concerned about mice while saying nothing about the elephant.. what should we do about the Bullingdon liars and their apologists, Keira?

  3. Thanks Ideb8, asking the question I asked is not an error, however I note that neither you nor Alan have answered it.

    That said, you’ve asked a question and I will give the answer from my point of view.

    You asked, “what should we do about the Bullingdon liars and their apologists?”

    We have an election coming up – don’t vote for them. More than that, don’t abstain from voting, make sure you vote for your chosen best preferred alternative. If you have read my previous comments on this blog you will see that I expressed my astonishment that people who supported the Police voted Conservative in the last election, especially since David Cameron had made speeches stating he would change Police pay conditions and pensions if elected. So, if you don’t like this coalition don’t vote for them and ensure you vote for your preferred alternative.

    Whoever gets elected this time will have to address the budget deficit, so I ask again; “what should we do about the budget deficit?”

    • To try and answer your question, I will not be voting for the iceberg, neither will refrain from voting per se. I hope that others will also utilise the power of the ballot box. As far as Camoron is concerned I can only repeat my previous answer, there is a huge difference between Reform and Destruction. I do not deny the need for Reform in some areas of Policing, but what we are witnessing goes way beyond Reform into the realm of Destruction. I hope that answers your question.

      • To be honest Alan, you haven’t answered the question, what should we do about the budget deficit?

      • Not being an economist I haven’t a clue, but it does not seem to be being fairly handled. Higher taxes on the rich (as elsewhere in EU would be a start), the rich seem to be getting a disproportionately better deal, but how much that would raise I have no idea.

  4. Asking the question Keira asked is an error.

    It’s another Tory red herring, among those used to justify whatever anti-poor measures their corporate funders demand of them.

    The Great Debt Lie and the Myth of the Structural Deficit

    The ‘structural deficit’ is dependent on..host of variables which economists pretend to know more about than they..do

    Red herrings typify the daily diet of this government, generously fed to all via the mother of all food banks, their media.

    “Rebate..red herring by the Treasury”
    “..negotiations didn’t change [situation with..deficit] in ANY significant way”

    We don’t have an election coming up. Not one that will make the slightest difference to the vulnerable. By ignoring the electorate and listening mainly to vested interests between elections, the parties render even an election a cynical red herring.

    As well as the election, the EU rebate and the continuing deficit, expect a red herring feeding frenzy as May approaches.

    No healthy democracy can thrive on lies. They are its death knell.

    Yet Keira expects us to shift our focus away from the lies, just to swallow the fish, the hook & the sinker. She can if her diet is deficient in fish oil.

    • I admit to being naive in that I believe that no elected politician of any party, in any position in Local or Central Government should lie to any element of the Public. But everything I hear sounds like a lie, I’m sure the public would react better to the truth, no matter how unpalatable that truth may be.

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