You Can Not Be Serious – But You Know He Probably Is

A short one today.

Thank you @J_amesP for bringing this little pearl to my notice.

Boris is a politician, pure and simple. He has already politicised the agenda, and quite possibly the actuality, of policing in London in his guise of ‘PCC’ for London.

Now he wants to take control of the CPS and Courts system within London.

Lord Boris of Londinium, I can hardly begin to list the different ways in which that would simply be WRONG, not just a bad idea, just WRONG.

The last time I looked at a map of of the world, London was in the United Kingdom and not North Korea. What kind of legal system would this so-called civilised country have if one person (and a few minions) had control of the entire judicial system within the M25 boundary?

Do I detect the sound of an Apocalyptic Horseman whinnying in the background?

I would like to think that Boris can’t be serious, but I fear that he may be.


2 thoughts on “You Can Not Be Serious – But You Know He Probably Is

  1. However loud the Apocalyptic Horsemen may metaphorically sound, it is not as loud as the real sound of the structural deficit. Depending on what figures the Chancellor announces on Wednesday the deficit, which was at 100 Billion is now somewhere between 50 and 60 Billion. The last round of cuts were supposed to eliminate it but have not – that means that irrespective of which political party (or coalition between parties) gets in we are in for another round of deep cuts.

    The ringfencing of the National Health Service means that other public services including the Police will be facing further cuts.

    A recent study from the London School of Economics suggests a further cut in the Police budget of @ 1 Billion, reckoned at 17% (or 20% in real terms) by 2019.

    The real question is, if it is not to destroy the front line, where will those cuts/savings take place? I think the front line will have more cuts but think that political parties will look to mitigate those cuts through efficiency savings; the Labour plan to scrap PCCs will be a drop in the ocean, that leaves efficiency savings – most likely Force mergers (watch Warwickshire and West Mercia and then the East Anglian Forces) and equally as Boris suggest criminal justice service mergers to cut costs and drive efficiencies.

    That brings us back to the Police Federation and their failure to address any of these issues over the duration of the last Parliament.

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