Doing Less With Less

There has been much made on the BBC News (and I suspect other media channels) that the Police are not attending enough scenes of crime to report and investigate those crimes. I have heard it reported that PCSOs are being used to conduct initial investigations, a role I believe they are not trained for, and that victims are being encouraged to conduct their own house to house enquiries and seek out local CCTV. 

I do hope they are all complying with the relevant legislation.

My reaction to this only needs to be brief today

Since 2010 Police numbers have been slashed by 16,000 officers. Those cuts have not yet finished.

In approx half of the 43 Forces numbers have ben cut LOWER than their 2015 ‘Austerity Programme’ targets.


Why haven’t the public picked up on this and questioned their PCC?

I think that’s all I really need to say this morning really, if you want to knock the Police for not being efficient, then we all deserve an explanation of why numbers are being cut more than they need to be.

And Winsor’s HMIC publishing their report today when Winsor (author of Winsor 1 and 2 like you need reminding) is just simply offensive.

The only thing that you can do with Less is Less ultimately, anything else is Smoke and Mirrors

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