What Do YOU Do In The School Holidays?

Go swimming? Surfing? Fishing off the rocks? Do your kids use a lilo? Do you take a ferry, belong to a yacht club?

If the answer to any of those is YES then I would suggest that you need the Coastguard Service.

I’ll bang on till the cows come home about the government cuts to Police and Armed Forces etc, but the Coastguards are taking a mighty hit.

Coastguard stations all around our coast are not being ‘slimmed’, they are being shut down.

Hands up all those who think this is a good idea.

I might be wrong, but I BELIEVE that it would cost a mere 15 pence a year on each of our Income Tax bills to fund keeping them open.

Personally I would give my 15p year after year.

The RNLI is a Registered Charity so ‘Call Me Dave’ can’t close them down, but who calls them out and co-ordinates their brave rescues? The coastguards do.

I have blogged previously about the closure of Coastguard stations on another site, you can find them here if you missed them.

The closures are HAPPENING, the moronic coalition government originally thought that it was a great idea to reduce 19 Coastguard Stations down to 8 to cover the entire UK coastline.  19 isn’t many, 8 is preposterous.  That has now been revised upwards to 11. If I have understood it correctly it was originally intended that only THREE of them would remain open and operational 24 hours a day, this has now been corrected.

This is how little regard the ConDem government has for the sanctity of human life.

All I am asking from you is that you remember that HM Coastguard is an Emergency Service, we should all stand together, united against Camoron and his cronies.

Proportionately the Coastguard Service has suffered massively with nearly 50% of it’s stations earmarked for closure.  Imagine if that was mirrored in Police Stations, Hospitals and Fire Stations.

If you use Twitter please follow @CoastalJoe1, @ChrisCr999, @Coastguard_SOS and take a look at their website for much better info than I have on what’s really happening.


3 thoughts on “What Do YOU Do In The School Holidays?

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  2. Well timed post and yes we need to remember this wonderful Cinderella service; how much more slash and burn Camoron, the despicable arrogant heartless worm, can slice off these vital services, who can say:there seems no bottom to this.I have recently retired from the Cops and look forward to your posts and to a new ability to say what I think!

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