If We Were All Police Officers

And someone made allegations that there was a paedophile ring operating within our Police Force the public, quite rightly, would demand a full and diligent enquiry to get to the bottom of it.

If we had lost a bundle of papers relating to corrupt Police Officers there would be a Public Outcry.

Allegations have been made, quite reasonably, about corruption, wrongdoing and misconduct that date back decades. There have been enquiries into some of these allegations, there are enquiries currently ongoing into others, and there will be enquiries into yet more.

They will cost a lot of money, but I am not proposing that they be abandoned.

If We Were All Journalists and someone made allegations that we were #Hacking peoples’ phones there would be, and have been, enquiries into these allegations and prosecutions arising from these investigations.

If We Were All Celebrities and several people made allegations that one or more of us had embarked upon a crusade of Indecency offences against girls, boys, women and men, as long ago as the 70s, there would be public outcry and a mass investigation.  Some of us celebrities would grip the rail and get banged up for a few years, and that would be right and proper.

If We Were All Politicians and people made allegations that a sizeable number of us either were, or had been in the past, paedophiles and that it was being covered up by the establishment we’d be laughing.

Ministers including Nick Clegg and Theresa May have been rejecting calls for a full-scale public inquiry into historical child abuse, insisting a police investigation will be sufficient to get to the bottom of the claims.

David Camoron has supposedly ordered a fresh investigation to discover what happened to the missing dossier detailing explosive claims of a Westminster paedophile ring.

Mr Camoron said he understood mounting concerns about what happened to the dossier handed over to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983. He said: ‘That’s why I’ve asked the permanent secretary at the Home Office [Mark Sedwill] to do everything he can to find answers to all of these questions and to make sure we can reassure people about these events.’

Am I missing the point here?  When the Police and/or the Home Office ‘lose’ the Operation Tiberius and Operation Countryman files, there is outcry, not only about the loss/destruction/shredding of the files but demanding an investigation into the actual content of the files. (Someone, somewhere knows what they say, trust me).

When Geoffrey Dickens’ dossier goes missing there is only a mild papering over the cracks with an investigation to try and work out what might have happened to them.

Is it just me, or is alleged paedophilia by our politicians, MPs, Cabinet Ministers, and the like, not FAR MORE IMPORTANT than what happened to a few files?  The contents of those files are important I grant you, but if they have been destroyed, or merely ‘lost’ are we happy for that to be the end of it?

Come on Mr Camoron, grow a pair, save the country a whole heap of time and expense, and order a full-scale criminal investigation (Yewtree Style) into these allegations of paedophilia.  You never know your luck, victims might just pop up and make statements just like they did with Saville, Harris and Hall etc.  The dossier might just resurface somewhere. We might find a smoking gun.

Just because the suspects are/were politicians is no reason whatsoever to whitewash it.

I remember in the 70s we were ordered to STOP all operations against ‘Cottageing’ unless we had put a notice in the local newspaper and at the prospective venues warning folk of our operations “because we were likely to arrest politicians” amongst others. How is that right?  Would the Senior Management of NSY taken such a liberal approach if we were likely to arrest Police Officers or School, Teachers or Doctors or Firemen in our operations?

I very much doubt it.

Stop being so hypocritical and just get on with it and do it properly, 7 detectives and an answerphone machine is a joke.

How many tecs are deployed on Yewtree? How many tecs are deployed on Op Alice?  How many tecs are deployed on Op Weeting. How many tecs are deployed on Operation Ore?

Get a grip and just admit that MPs can be paedophiles too, then gain some much-needed respect by dealing with the allegations properly and sincerely.


16 thoughts on “If We Were All Police Officers

  1. The police investigate child abusers?

    In Yorkshire, they would not need to leave the police station.

    How many officers from West and North Yorkshire Police did not know what Savile was up to for 50 years?

    How many of them facilitated the abuse?

    And how many joined in with him?

  2. Yes, I also remember similar instructions in the Met which were not publicised but we were deterred from dealing with various offences in case we were to chance upon a politician or celebrity.

    With regards to your comment concerning paedophilia in the police service. This will form a chapter connected to whistleblowing in Hampshire Constabulary, the blog being published on a weekly basis on a Friday.


    I will tweet the topic beforehand so those can read the specific topics that they may be interested in.

  3. iiI HBBBBBBBBBBBBB I Discovered full scale corruption in grimsby by cid and PSD Covering up murder selling seized drugs from the police store i also found cps files etc of people who were police informers boxs marked CHIS In a derelict house in grimsby and the dead body of jason short who was hanging in the stairwell he was looking after the house for these officers, his mistake i believe was that he took me to these officers houses as i was his driver, He said they were fuming with him for bringing me 2 weeks later hes dead, They then come looking for me as i had pictures of these officers

  4. Shame one of the MP’s docent grow a pair and use parliamentry privilege to name names then you would see the s**t hit the fan as victims came forward. It would snowball and make MP’s expenses look like something of nothing.

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