Another #Donut For Tom Winsor Please

So, the first (or the first that I have seen anyway) results of Mr Tom Winsor’s famous Police Fitness Tests have been released by the College of Policing.

Out of 30,000 officers from 39 Forces, sorry, Services, only 851 ‘failed’ although the tests do not become compulsory until next year.  The national police lead for fitness testing, ACC Rob Price, said the results showed the vast majority of officers tested were fit.  No shit Sherlock, even I can work that one out.

The only thing about these test results that bothers me is that there seems to be a slight disparity in Male vs Female that I have not yet seen addressed.  Of those who failed the test, 253 were male and 598 female.  After taking part in the 15-metre “bleep” shuttle run test, about 253 of the 22,078 male officers who took part (an average of 1%) and 598 of 7,969 female officers (an average of 8%) were unsuccessful.

I’m nowhere near brave enough to suggest that our female officers are not fit, so I will suggest that maybe the tests as they currently stand, disadvantage the female officers.  After all it was EIGHT TIMES as many that failed.

There are no figures yet available for the Metropolitan Police, the country’s largest force, or for Lancashire, Gloucestershire and Cumbria.

Humberside and Northumbria Police were the only two forces that boasted a 100% pass rate for both male and female officers.

The worst failure rates were seen in by police forces in Suffolk (7%), the West Midlands (5.8%), West Mercia and Warwickshire (5.6%), and Gwent (5.5%).

Winsor also recommended that from 2018 the tests should be made harder, using challenges based on the type of things an officer might face on duty, but this is being considered by the College of Policing in case it negatively impacts on women.  I would suggest that it already is, but Winsor wouldn’t take any notice of that would he?

He likes to wear a fancy uniform from time to time maybe he could do one of his fitness tests, just a thought.


21 thoughts on “Another #Donut For Tom Winsor Please

  1. Do readers know if their local force’s ‘senior leadership team’ or ACPO ranks agreed to participate in the voiluntary tests? In the West Midlands there were rumours all ACPO opted out, setting a fine example. Then if you could see the physical size of some of them you could think that explained why.

      • CoP has this to say in its report…………………”.Positive action should be considered for groups of officers who may find the test more challenging. This can be achieved by delivering familiarisation sessions (see paragraph 4.3) to specific groups of individuals only (eg, females). In addition, support processes for all must be considered to help candidates pass the JRFT on their first attempt or develop them after they have recorded a fail ” and……………………”The Working Group was mindful of the data presented in the Winsor Review from Hampshire Constabulary where an in-service fitness test operated between June 2010 and July 2011. This showed disproportionate impact on the grounds of age and sex. While 20% of eligible officers did not attend the test, 97% of those who took the test passed. However, 0.6% of male officers failed the test compared to 5.3% of females. The average age of females who failed the test was 42, while their average age was 35. The average age of males who failed the test was 47, while their average age was 38″

  2. I am fairly fit because I enjoy sport and going to the gym but not everyone does. It is difficult fitting in fitness training around shifts and family and just another reason the new £19,000 salary is a joke and perhaps another reason why people are leaving. The next generation of officers are going to be young, inexperienced and will end up burned out before they ever get anywhere near retirement age. Most will last 5-7 years before they end up exhausted and fed up of targets, media bashing and an unthankful hostile public. Which is what they want.

    • How about an honesty test for all police officers? We would be likely to get a 99% failure rate there as well. “How do you tell a police officers is lying?” – Simple – “Their lips move”.

      19K for a rookie plod? Most school leavers would jump at that salary, particularly when no brains, no integrity and no achievement (other than fiddling crime figures) is required.

      • I’m sorry if my jaundiced view of the British police causes offence, but being 85 years old, disabled and wheelchair-bound, I object to Jimmy Savile’s favourite police force, North Yorkshire Police, targeting me and spending years hounding me in an attempt to steal my assets. If they want to diddle kiddies, why not diddle their own and not other people’s and if they want to rob great-grandmothers, why me and not their own? For more of the evidence of the behaviour of the psychopathic perverts commonplace in the British police, do go to:

      • Grandma B –

        Police officers join up while being 99% honest, just like the members of the public they are. I’m sure a much higher percentage of officers remain honest than do members of the public, despite the pressures police work puts them under.

        Fiddled figures have become engrained in the police service due to management targets and their consequent bonus and promotion pressures, as well as a persistent climate of fear for whistleblowers.

        It is primarily the ACPO top brass, those longest under the spell of targets and target-driven bonuses, those who’ve also benefitted financially from them, who should now demonstrate the moral leadership they’ve nominally been promoted for exhibiting.

        The targets were imposed and have been perpetuated by both political parties for decades. Bernard Jenkin MP, as the Chair of PASC, apologised on behalf of all politicians to the police for the effects these policies have had on management incentives then casual corruption then low morale.

        Both parties implemented popular target-oriented policies as a direct result of public pressure for achievement in cutting crime. It’s utterly dishonest to imagine corruption occurs in a vacuum. It occurs because we the public haven’t held politicians sufficiently to account.

        We’ve dishonestly voted for parties which promised crime cuts, while ignoring the ensuing pressure on police and consequent fiddled figures, creeping corruption and the unspoken fear of speaking out.

        But then it’s just as dishonest for politicians to claim an international downward trend in crime is due to recent policy changes during their tenure, despite cuts. Or for ACPO to carry on pretending that fiddled figures are merely historic or inadvertent and that no-one is culpable.

        A regular fitness test is still needed for crime figures. And for those in the production chain with the most incentive to distort them.

        The fitness test should primarily audit those who’ve been silently making the background “management interventions”, the ones causing crimes to disappear in puffs of smoke.

        The smoke that we, the public, have been dishonestly willing to view rosy crime figures through, without first insisting appropriate checks and audits were kept in place to monitor their quality.

      • Every time I ask for the name of an honest cop, the only name I am given is Dixon of Dock Green. Well, he died twice on the silver screen, so must have lied at least once.

        Please do give me the name of an honest cop, if you know one.

        I have plenty of work for that mythical creature.

        There are various criminal gangs he could arrest on the basis of the massive amount of incriminating evidence in the public domain, including the Metropolitan Police, North Yorkshire Police (Jimmy Savile), West Yorkshire Police (Savile and Norman Scarth), South Yorkshire Police (Hillsborough), etc., etc, etc.

        The fact of the matter is that the streets of Britain will never be safe so long as police officers are at large.

  3. Considering the utter failure of the ACPO top brass to stand up and be counted against the casual bullying and smearing of whistleblowers like Kevin Maxwell & James Patrick – let alone against the casual fiddling of figures to increase bonuses and promotion prospects – will Tom Winsor win some justice for these previous, plus existing and future, employees by testing regularly the honesty and moral leadership of those in ACPO anticipating preferment?

    Such a test could benefit the 99% of honest officers, as well as the public, far more effectively and quickly than any parallel physical tests might.

    The name of Tom Winsor would then justifiably be immortalised for making honest officers of those in ACPO. Perhaps even his name could be changed – in honour of having won such a future potential battle – to Tim Wonsir..

  4. Grandma B –
    Yes, from it’s clear we’re all talking at cross purposes, discussing different outrages and yet all wishing things could improve in different ways.

    • We are not talking at cross purposes. The British police are kiddie-diddling, granny abusing perverts and should all,be locked up. FACT. There is nothing to dispute there if you read the information in the public domain.

      • I do think that’s an over-generalistion. They’re not perfect but they most certainly are not the way you portray all of them. You do the vast majority a grave disservice.

      • I love your sense of humour. If there is a straight cop willing to deal with serious, organised crime, please give me their name and contact details.

  5. Grandma B –

    Just because the British police you’ve encountered “are kiddie-diddling, granny abusing perverts and should” be locked up (FACT), that has little necessary bearing on the many honest police officers other people have had more beneficial dealings with, who shouldn’t ALL be locked up (also FACT – just not yours).

      • Thank you for your kind comments.

        If the majority of the police were really hard-working, honest people, why don’t they work hard and get rid of the large criminal element in the force?

        There are some interesting stories coming out about how North Yorkshire Police covered up for Savile for 50 years – and not just for bungs. And not just North Yorkshire Police.

  6. A lot of the things the police are being criticised for now happened when many officers weren’t even born or were very young. Left and right wing media are laying into the police and deliberately making the public hostile to an ever thinner blue line. A lot of what officers do is voluntary and if there is no incentive to do it or they could face years of investigation for making decisions that ordinary people never have to think of…they’ll stop doing it! Not out of malice but because of self preservation. £19,000 (minus 14% pension, a ‘professional certificate’ that might be introduced at a cost amounts to minimum wage!). Who in their right mind would volunteer for specialist roles such as PSU or firearms. Even blue light driving leaves you wide open for prosecution. When every man and his dog are lining up to criticisenyou, shelf stacking at Asda looks a more attractive bet! And more lucrative! If the public think the police are bad now wait til they get burned out, demotivated, risk averse cops who won’t volunteer to do anything because they’ll be too worried about some Public People’s Panel (another bright idea) criticising them in an open forum despite working to the home with no meal breaks doing a job that no matter how you do it its always wrong even if the government sets rules about how to do it but leaves you high and dry if they decide it isn’t to this months liking. Once family meals, kids birthdays are mussed, its difficult to get holidays because of low staffing people will quit. Maybe that’s why they are ‘recruiting’ a load of volunteer PCSOs

    • Well, if they don’t like the job, they can leave and find another one. If there were no police on the streets, it would be safe to live in my own home again,

      Don’t worry, the North Yorkshire perverts-in-blue are still up to their old tricks with kiddies and old ladies. Old habits die hard, eh?

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