It’s That Time Again

When we come to the thorny subject of fundraising, donating, giving for the family Patrick and James’ ET against the Met.

This is the situation as it stands at 9am TODAY.

The Metropolitan Police Federation have not, to the very best of my knowledge, committed to assist James financially or with legal representation for his Employment Tribunal. If that is wrong I will most happily correct and bring my error to people’s attention.

James and his wife have now been made aware and given an estimate of the likely costs involved in bringing this case to Tribunal.  At this present time I do not wish to disclose what that amount is because it’s James’ and his family’s personal business and it’s up to them to say whether they want that figure bandied about.  Suffice to say, it’s a fair few bob.

With this in mind I am asking you all once again to consider dipping into your pockets, when you have some spare cash, and donating it to the fund.  There have been some reasonably vociferous whisperings on Twatter about the veracity of this fund, and all I can say on the matter is;

It will be administered ever so slightly differently now, the main difference is that all correspondence and appeals in relation to funding will come from me via this blog and my Facebook page.

My Twatter account is not anonymous, you can see who I am and some of you have either met me in the flesh or have worked with me in the past. I am who I say I am, I’m not sitting in Nigeria (other countries are also available) sending off begging letters or telling people they’ve won the lottery, just give me your bank account details and we’ll pay your prize money in.  I am me, and I’m perfectly happy to answer civilised questions on the subject, but if you’re in any way suspicious or reluctant please do not donate.

But here’s a sobering thought;

If every Constable in England and Wales donated just 25 pence James would raise enough money to cover his estimated costs.

TWENTY FIVE PENCE?? That would be enough to make a HUGE difference. So how do we get every Constable to donate 25p?  Some of you read this blog and can donate here.  I would ask you to speak to your mates on shift/team/squad, whatever, point them in the direction of this blog or the RetiredandAngry Facebook page where they can donate via Paypal.  Ask your mates to give you their 25p’s and make a bulk donation on behalf of them all, it doesn’t really matter how it’s done, we just need those 25p’s

If any of you have any lingering doubts about the worthiness of this cause all I can say is this.  James has support in some very high places.  Baroness Jenny Jones immediately intervened and wrote a very strongly worded letter to Mayor Boris and Bernard Hogan-Who.  She has apparently also scheduled some ‘questions’ with MOPAC in a couple a couple of weeks time.

And finally, this morning I got a mail from Baroness Angela Harris (or Angela to her friends).  I shall probably be sent to The Tower because the bottom of the email is peppered with all sorts of threats about ‘unauthorised disclosure’ but I thought it was too good not to share, so buckle up, this may be the last time you hear from me;

“Dear Mr. Wright,

Thank you very much for sending me James’s open letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. I was present at the PASC meeting when James spoke about his “whistleblowing” on recording of crime figures.  I was shocked and disheartened to learn that, in my 30+ years of being involved in policing as a member and then chair of a Police Authority, recording of crime figures had not improved.  By speaking out as he has done, James has subjected himself and his family to an unacceptable level of heavy-handed and distasteful treatment and I am deeply saddened that this man, who is full of integrity, should be dealt with in such a way.

Anyone who “blows the whistle” on perceived bad practice or malpractice within any organisation deserves the fullest hearing, followed by concerted efforts to change that organisation.  That can only be done by listening carefully and choosing to deal with the correct information in a timely and judicious way.  Finding out the truth of any allegation is absolutely paramount and I found James’s submission (as did the Select Committee) unequivocal.  That should have been the basis for action.  Sadly, petty rules have come into play and the arguments he made have been subsumed by these.

I well understand that there are such rules in place, but to be hounded by them in answer to a deeper, darker allegation, is, I believe, the wrong way of dealing with this problem. James should be given a respected place within the organisation, where his talent for spotting wrongdoing will be an asset to the organisation.  It will then show that the Met means business when it asserts that wrong practices will be rooted out.

He has my complete support and backing.

Angela Harris”

So, as you can see, James has support in high places, those people will do what is within their power/ability to do.  We, in our turn, can all give 25 pence. Personally I have given more than 25p, but the point is that 25p is all that is needed if everybody gave.  We all know that everybody WON’T give, but it is within our ability to make a difference and make this happen.

Over to you.

BREAKING NEWS – I have largely solved the problem of Paypal fees reducing the donations. For people who already have a Paypal Account, are willing to create one, the solution is this.

From within your opening screen (after logging in to your account) choose Send Money

Send it to the following email address

justice4pcpatrickAToutlookDOTcom (see what I did there?)

Enter the amount in GBP you wish to send

Click on “I’m sending money to family or friends” This option should be free of charges unless you pay by Credit Card and the money ends up in exactly the same account as if you had pressed the Donate Button.

A little more complicated and it only works for Paypal account holders but every fee that we can reduce is more for the Fighting Fund


I thank you


11 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. I’d avoid T-shirts at this point. They can pose a logistic problem, let alone the £ transactions, but what is their purpose? Is there an occassion when wearing them would have an effect – Federation meetings come to mind. A MOPAC meeting?

    The best commitment now remain making donations.

  2. I’d buy (and wear) a T-shirt …. just a personal view, although David IS correct about logistical issues.

  3. I was one of the folk who Alan mentions. I worked with him, was his partner on the Area Intelligence Unit for a while. He’s honest, straight forward and doesn’t deserve any negative criticism with regard to this matter. He is working totally in his own time because he believes an injustice has been committed . Indeed that just about sums him up. If anyone has anything negative to say they can take it up with me, He’s too busy doing a great job

  4. Will those twitterers who persist in attacking Alan Wright desist and publicly apologise? Alan has consistently supported James through thick and thin, is of impeccable character, is the most honourable of former police officers, freely gives hours of his time and effort to help others, is the most trusted supporter of James and should not be subject to such vile treatment.

  5. The latest HMIC report that has hit the news this morning is yet more evidence in support of James. He was right. They were wrong and yet they obfuscated, lied and otherwise deflected from his revelations.

    Mrs May

    1.We have been telling you that police recorded crime has been manipulated & fiddled since 2009
    2.Other sites and officers have been telling you the same
    3.James Patrick and others gave evidence on this to the PACT committee back in November 2013
    4.I (Steve Bennett – Retired WMP) supplied written evidence to the PACT committee
    5.The Home Office knew of this prior to and since the coalition took office
    6.Despite this, the Coalition included policing in the CSR.
    7.000’s of officer numbers have been cut
    8.Chief & Senior police officers were paid massive bonuses to create, oversee or otherwise condone processes that have corrupted crime numbers. None of these bonuses have been repaid.
    9.These bonuses in their quantum massively outweigh the amounts found to have been mis-claimed by the MP Expenses scandal
    10.ACPO rank officers & senior command management have perpetrated and orchestrated this disgraceful pernicious deception, whilst the rank and file were forced to implement these corrupt practices, impugning and compromising their professional integrity
    11.THIS is the biggest contributor to the fall in police confidence and officer morale
    12.What, if anything will you do to ensure James Patrick is treated fairly through his departure from the met?
    13.What, if anything, will you do to bring the ACPO & Senior management officers responsible for this scandal to account?
    14.Will you now accept that crime has not fallen, at least not to the massively manipulated level you have boated and it was a gross error to reduce officer numbers and that recruitment will funded to enable the British tax payer to have the police presence it needs to combat the true crime levels?
    15.What will you do to stop the vilification and victimisation of whistle blowers in the police?
    16.Will you now look at police detections with the same scrutiny as they are fiddled just as perversely as recorded crime?
    17.Will you stand up with integrity and honesty and admit that the proud boasts of falling crime over recent years was fallacious political spin?
    18.You commissioned the Office of National Statistics to thoroughly investigate the integrity of police recorded crime. “Gaming” or the fiddling of figures received a one line reference in that report with no recommendations for any remedy. Will you accept that this was a complete waste of time?
    19.Will you accept that British Crime Survey, based on a comparatively tiny sample of less than 40,000 interviewees is a weak indicator of crime?
    20.WHAT if anything will you do to restore public confidence and officer morale now?
    We won’t hold our breath that you will take any real positive action. Forgive the cynicism of a retired police officer, but from previous broken political promises and the disgraceful treatment of the British police officers, all we have come to expect is the more rhetoric and the usual political spin.
    Steve Bennett
    Retired West Midlands Police Officer
    Thin Blue Line UK

  6. James Patrick is a hero in my eyes, it is about time the Met stopped blaming him for their shortcomings and dealt with their shoddy working practices.
    They have no excuse for the way they are treating him.
    I wish him and his family all the best in their continuing fight against this injustice and I fervently hope he is cleared of all wrong doing.

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