Today an open letter was sent to various members of the media, politicians etc.

It was signed by approx 50 RETIRED members of the Metropolitan Police Service.

The letter is reproduced below;

I am contacting you on behalf of a number of police officers who have served with the Metropolitan Police, at various ranks, and are now retired.

 We collectively support PC James Patrick, the police whistle blower who raised concerns in relation to the report of crime within the Metropolitan Police. There are many officers who support PC Patrick but they are currently serving in the Metropolitan Police or other constabularies and through fear of repercussions, potential intimidation or victimization, they do not appear on the signatory list.
Please may I draw your attention to the following attached letter to the media and other potentially interested parties?
Thank you for your consideration.
PC James Patrick is someone the public want, and need, as a policeman. He is a man of honesty, integrity, and right.
So why have the MET put him under investigation, AGAIN, for speaking out and up about the flawed system of crime reporting, preventing him from leaving the force with his reputation intact? Channel 4 News suggest it’s vindictive and designed to intimidate him. BBC news agree.
Whistleblowers are frequently subjected to witch-hunts and driven from their careers. Those who whistle blow are often those who value their jobs more than most. If it didn’t matter, why would they bother? Yet they are victimised over and over again. It’s a typical story.
The Police need to be trusted by the public. When a police whistle blower calls time on bad practice, flawed investigations, or some other matter of concern, public confidence ultimately grows because people know there are good and honest coppers out there willing to stand up and be counted when it matters.
It’s easy to mingle with the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone, to put your head above the water and remain there whilst under attack.  And who polices the Police when they can’t police themselves?
There is a huge crowd of serving and retired police officers supporting James Patrick. We endorse his actions and back his right to leave the police service with his integrity intact.
Don’t let him become a victim of injustice. There are far too many of those already.
This is James Patrick’s open letter to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

 and we, the following, support him –

James had no involvement in writing that letter, and so cannot be hounded further by the Met for the actions of people he doesn’t even know.

I applaud it, my name is one of the 50



This made me laugh, part of a tweet I received today relating to James

“leadership bent on crucifying James for unauthorised integrity

Says it all really


3 thoughts on “#Justice4PCPatrick

  1. Weird thing is I emailed Alaric Bonthron about a Sgt that had committed road traffic act offences and policy breaches, told him the day it occurred and where…and yet he did nothing about it…Seems like this is truly a malicious pursuit in your case.

  2. Don’t just support or condone the application of the rules against PC Patrick, like a machine, ACPO.

    Not if you know their application is an(other) injustice.

    Especially as a leader, you’re either on the side of justice or the rules of a machine. You can no longer sit astride both.

    This case is simple. It is so simple that it leaves none of you free to hide behind Leveson or police policy or discplinary procedure or careers or mortgages.

    If you trumpet the integrity of your leadership role in ACPO, you ought now to decide if your feeling for the truth and sense for injustice and very self-respect allow you any longer to leave this matter in the hands of the Met, the DPS or even the IPCC or the Government.

    The judgment of Solomon awaits. Between a clear injustice and a machine. On which side are you standing this morning?

    If you wait until others have jumped, even if belatedly, and won’t join Bernard Jenkin MP with the public in condemning this injustice, you are a far lesser person than this whistleblower.

    He at least stood up to his Commissioner and for truth. Will you stand up for what you and your maker know is the truth and with, not against, the spirit of justice?

    If you’re unsure this morning, please don’t be found wanting this afternoon. Or tonight you may be weighed in the balance, dreaming what you’ll say to your children when they ask.

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