Help For PC James Patrick

I have been approached by several people asking how they can donate money to help with James’ difficulties.  The road ahead will be rocky and financially uncertain.  His ET will cost money and his salary ends on 6th June 2014. With this in mind some of his ‘Non Job’ friends (got that DPS?) have set up a Paypal Account that anyone who wishes to donate can use.  PC Patrick has had no involvement whatsoever in the setting up of this arrangement and was, at that time, completely unaware. For the foreseeable future a link to it will appear within this post and (semi) permanently  near the top of the blog itself.  All you have to do is click on the icon and follow the instructions, if you do not have to have a Paypal account yourself, you can pay by Credit or Debit Card also. You are protected by all of the usual Paypal safeguards and you will, of course, receive a receipt via Paypal for your donation. All cushty and above board. You can make a one-off payment or tick the box that makes it recur monthly, the choice is a) yours, b) confidential. A link to Paypal will also be appearing on my Facebook page (RetiredAndAngry).







3 thoughts on “Help For PC James Patrick

  1. Many thanks for time and hosting and much work
    as an angry yet widely honoured supporter of the
    – The Justice4PCPatrick Appeal –

    £580 on first chaotic half-day..! One donor even contributed £100
    All donors naturally become honorary and much esteemed members of
    – The Justice4PCPatrick Appeal –

    We all hope this boosts morale in un-certain quarters..

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