What’s That Coming Over The Hill? Is It A Shit Storm?

With due respect to The Automatic and their delightful ditty, the title seemed appropriate.


So the Public Administration Select Committee have published their report into #Crimestats and have instructed HMIC to conduct an investigation into the Metropolitan Police and the manner in which they have treated one of their officers, Constable James Patrick. Let us not underestimate the importance f this development, I have never heard of anything like it happening before. As a friend once said to me “Wow, this is some serious shit man” although I suspect he was referring to something else.

However, I do think it’s safe to assume that the Met will now face a Shit Storm of Biblical proportions and I have come to believe that it will serve them right.

I’m not going to dwell overly much on James’ situation as I have documented it in previous blogs, but he does now need all of our support. He needs to know that he has people out there who care about the predicament that he he now finds himself in. After all, what has he truly done wrong? Blown the whistle on #Crimestats and published a few blogs in a book. Even the fact that he has been found Guilty of Misconduct is being Appealed, and rightly so, in my opinion. What has he REALLY done wrong?

His two good friends point out the obvious as well, why should his wife and children have to suffer because of the outdated, bombastic attitudes of the Met? What have THEY done wrong? NOTHING, except stood by their husband and father. A husband/father who could find himself unemployed in a few weeks time. A husband/father who passionately believes in the Police Service and the quest for TRUTH. A husband/father who quite possibly feels (quite unjustifiably) that he has let his family down.

There is a Shit Storm coming, be in no doubt, and if I can add any Shit to that Storm I most certainly will. There is a Group on Facebook populated by past and serving Met officers, and James has some good support on there, but doesn’t go there because he doesn’t trust the DPS. With good reason it would seem as it looks as though DPS has found its way in to monitor the posts put up by that group.

If you can do one thing today please leave James a message of support. You can leave him a message in the Comments section below, you can leave a message on his blog which you will find here, or you can tweet him a message at @J_amesP. I’m sure he will appreciate your kind words and thoughts, and so will his family and friends.

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4 thoughts on “What’s That Coming Over The Hill? Is It A Shit Storm?

  1. Yes, we’re all hoping they won’t know what really must hit them if the top brass continue to protect his persecutors instead of James and this young family:

    or http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04000fk

    If Hillsborough grabs headlines and other whistleblowers have suffered far worse fates, this microcosm of Kafka-esque mistreatment will stand tall for all such victims.

    They may think their bird has flown but, if they imagine only a chicken, his friends must enlighten them:

    “Some chicken! Some neck!”
    (Winston Churchill, Ottawa, Dec. 30, 1941)

    ..and its beak will come to bite them.

    No employer should succeed in such public lies and bullying and ongoing contempt for the truth.

    • Thank you for that, I fear one of two things may happen next. Either the Met will be right royally crucified, which is no more than they deserve, or a quiet campaign will emerge to tarnish James’ image. I hope it’s the former.

  2. As you say, who could now write, so thoughtlessly, that the..

    “Met Police said they were open to criticism but had a duty to protect staff and the public from unwarranted criticism and to maintain public confidence in the police service.”


    ..er, protect which staff?
    ..what criticism is unwarranted?
    ..who’s been doing the opposite of protecting PC Patrick?
    ..whose actions have resulted in the PASC criticisms?
    ..whose ever more visibly unfair & unjust actions now threaten public confidence?

    Q32 James Patrick: “..The worst thing and the saddest realisation for me
    effectively, the police had done it to themselves by spoon‑feeding Parliament with misleading figures..”


    Why didn’t they listen to Big Al when he said, in effect, in another part of his blog, “a stitch in time would have saved nine” ..and would have saved tons of the unnecessary shit due any minute now..!

  3. I take my hat off to you. What’s new ! I served at West End Central in the 1970’s and when I was in charge of the Crime Investigating Section I was consistently badgered to get P.C.’s to find excuses to “No Crime” reports. Despite increased solved cases and prosecutions I was usurped by an officer who was willing to pay homage to the senior officers who bullied officers into falsifying statistics. Statistics are always open to manipulation. I wish you luck in the future and admire your courage in speaking out. I retired in 1988 and hope to draw my pension for many more years.
    W.Glyn Thomas ex PS54″C”

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