Pssst. Want to know something?

Earlier on I told you about Rodney’s nice little earner, Sunbury Cadet Centre.

I have been known to relish the odd Conspiracy Theory, so I had a little look at Linden Homes.

Current directors aren’t very exciting;

Dennis & John Trimming, together with Linda Nash.

Linden Home’ website says this;

“Galliford Try is the name behind Linden Homes, and is one of the UK’s leading housebuilding and construction companies, responsible for high-profile projects such as the All England Lawn Tennis Club roof at Wimbledon, the 2012 Olympic Village and the new Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.”

Apparently Galliford Try bought Linden Homes in 2007.

Mr. Andrew Mark Jenner is a Non-Executive Independent Director of Galliford Try Plc. Andrew Jenner was appointed to the board in January 2009. He is currently Finance Director of Serco Group plc. Prior to joining Serco in 1996 he worked for Unilever and Deloitte & Touche LLP.

You just can’t get away from them, their name pops up everywhere.

I’m sure it’s all legit and all that, but I do love a good Conspiracy Theory occasionally


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