TJF It’s Official

There I was, minding my own business and I happened across this video.

A lot of you will have seen it already, but it’s way too good not to be shared.

It has spawned timeless classics like Commander Padlock, Albino Wanker, Call Me Dave’s Big Society Bollocks  and Imelda May.

Even Inspector Gadget gets a mention.

The really sad part of it is though that the Cadet Centres, the Police Stations, Scotland Yard and Hendon Training College HAVE all been sold.

Peel Centre As It Is Now

Peel Centre As It Is Now
The Tower Blocks are due for demolition next

All I can say to you is, sit back, watch it again, and laugh while we still can.  Laughing may go out of fashion or be made unlawful any time soon.  It’s certainly not to be encouraged within the MPS.


4 thoughts on “TJF It’s Official

  1. Wonderful..!

    Both desperately sad and hilarious – thank you!

    If only they’d “listened to the blog authors”? How many bloggers & tweeters remain? Only the retired yet most angry, methinks..

    At a time of unprecedented revelations of the most long-standing corruption cover-up variety, the top echelons of the police have decided to shoot themselves even further in the (other) foot by doffing their caps to an imaginary version of Leveson, a version invented to justfy whistleblower suppression.

    In a looking-glass world, a straw man is hoisted aloft to cleanse the top brass from the ignomy of their idiocy, as the public are expected to watch in awe, to acquiesce – or at least not to flinch – as wonderful officers are casually stamped on, ridiculed, humiliated and silenced round the country.

    For example (as you’ve highlighted in recent posts to this blog):

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  3. Yes! And I fancy Imelda May – well I fancy she has so many shoes, she could afford to spare a few to chuck at Call Me Dave’s lot, in time-honoured Iraqi fashion..

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