Stick Child’s Guide to Systems Thinking

A cynical attempt to make my blog look more respectable.
However, I do like Stick Child and his Dad so go on, give it a read


“What is systems thinking?”

This is a question I’ve heard quite a lot recently.

So, with the assistance of our little friend Stick Child (yes he’s back by popular demand!) let’s take a look at the subject in very straightforward terms.

By happy coincidence, Stick Child’s latest piece of homework was to find out about systems thinking, and fortunately his Daddy knows a bit about the subject, so the pair of them sat down together and came up with a simple guide. Here are some excerpts, below:

Stick Child ST pic

Some Systems Thinking Principles

Stick Child ST page 1Firstly, Stick Child learnt that there are lots of different strains of ‘systems thinking’. Some of them are very complex and theoretical, but Stick Child and his Daddy particularly like Deming‘s stuff, as it’s pretty simple and easy to apply in real life.

Deming described a system as, “A network of interdependent components that work together to try…

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