Policing In Austerity Two And A Half Years On

In July 2012 HMIC released a series of reports Entitled Policing in Austerity One Year On. They wrote one report for each of the Forces in England and Wales. In each report was contained details of their individual establishment (Police Officers all ranks) together with their planned establishment for March 2015.

On 31st January the Home Office are due to release their latest set of Manpower stats for September 2013. They only get measured/released once very 6 months.

42% (YES nearly HALF, not a trypo) of the 43 Forces in England and Wales are already reporting that their establishment is currently LOWER than their planned March 2015 Target.


As previously commented on elsewhere total establishment for England and Wales has dropped from 131,837 in September 2012 to 128,350 in September 2013.

Planned total Establishment for March 2015 is 128,670, so even the total for England and Wales is lower than it has to be.


The Evidence

The League Table


So I ask you, PCC, Chief Constable, Home Secretary, Mayor of London, Prime Minister – two simple questions:-

Why is it necessary to reduce Manpower levels to LESS than their March 2015 Austerity Target Level?

Could it possibly be that this destruction of our Police Service actually has less to do with Austerity than you would have us believe?

Simple questions, maybe we could have a simple answer please?

13 thoughts on “Policing In Austerity Two And A Half Years On

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  2. I suspect the answer is that officers are exiting in large numbers than before. There has always been a steady trickle out before pensionable retirement. Today it is easy to see some have calculated whether it is worth staying in, following the pension changes and more.

    The West Midlands PCC stated late 2013: Since the implementation of A19 in March 2011, 559 officers have retired from the force under this regulation. As a result of other turnover factors a further 799 officers have left the force over the same period. Those other factors include officers taking early retirement, retired on medical grounds, personal reasons, transferring to other forces or taking on new employment opportunities.

    Using your table that is more than 10% of WMP have left for such ‘other turnover factors’.

  3. Well I have to say that I’m disappointed, over 24 hours has gone by and the only comment from any official Federation account was this one:-

    I would have thought that the Federation would have had something to say about these reductions going beyond the 2015 Target levels, were they aware, did they agree to them, anything? But no, nothing, and then they wonder why their membership seem to be losing confidence.

  4. Back in May last year I wrote a blog entitled Apathy, that you can read here, https://retiredandangry.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/apathy/, well not much has changed. The number of people that read my blogs that actually DO something is unfortunately small, most scared off by the spectre of DPS/PSD looming over them. I can quite understand why serving officers don’t write to their MPs or challenge the system. Some have, and look what happened to them. There is no excuse however for the Federation to sit idly by and do nothing. Maybe they’re not, but that is not how it’s being perceived.

    A friend of mine, who is a serving officer, once told me that one of the young sprogs at his nick had never heard of Tom Winsor, didn’t know who he was, never mind challenge what he was doing. Unbelievable.

    The time has come, I believe, to stop banging my head against the wall, it’s been fun, but I’m getting a headache.

    • Didn’t know who Tom Winsor was?…Well, since his well publiscised uniform excursions, you have to admit, he’s kept a pretty low profile. Working behind the scenes “For the Greater Good”.

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