Dear Mr Gargan……

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote this blog concerning your recent receipt of a Gold Award from Investors in People.

Today, I read in the news that ‘Significant Cuts’ were coming to the officers of Avon and Somerset Police.  You have been quoted as saying that “seven in 10 officers could have a new role”.   “We used to be a force of 3,350 people. Now we’re something over 2,800. Today’s announcement and the changes next year will take us down below 2,800.

According to HMIC your target establishment for 2015 under the HMIC Policing in Austerity plan is 2,900.  Your Policing Strength is already LOWER than you need to achieve by 2015 and now you’re predicting/planning further losses. How on earth is this Investing in People? It sounds rather hypocritical to me, but I’m just a retired officer who obviously understands nothing.

Please feel free to explain to us all how you are a) Investing in People and b) ensuring the safety of your communities.

Thank you

As Avon and Somerset Police kindly responded to me, informing me that there would be further update released at 3pm, it’s only right and proper to bring that uodate to you;

Avon and Somerset Police has outlined its plans to save £8 million which could include closing the police station in Bath.

The cost-saving measures will also see the loss of 134 police officers across the region, which would be 61 PCs and the rest coming from every rank up to and including chief superintendent.

Chief Constable Nick Gargan said this was 100 fewer PCs than they initially thought they would have to lose and commended the team behind the review for coming up with the most effective and efficient ways of saving money.

Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens has promised to scrutinise the proposal and ask “the questions that local people will want answered”.

Avon and Somerset in Numbers

2763 – Police officers across the force.
134 – Number of police officer posts axed (61 PCs).
9 – Increase in number of police staff.
9 – Custody suites to close.
0 – PCSO posts to go.
1.99% – proposed council tax precept rise.

Sorry Mr Gargan, I still don’t get it, how is this Investing in People? Which people?

6 thoughts on “Dear Mr Gargan……

  1. A&S Reacted with this Tweet:- Avon&Somerset Police @ASPolice
    @Alanw47 @ProtectRPolice to clarify, 70% of staff will be touched by Op Model & 3/10 may experience a change. Further details avail from 3pm

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