People in Glass Houses – Remember That

People in Glass Houses really shouldn’t.

I wasn’t going to write about this sorry saga, I’m sure numerous other people will have done so already, but it got the better of me.

This is, of course, the story of the now infamous meeting between 3 Police Federation Representatives and foul-mouthed Andrew Mitchell MP.

As a direct result of this meeting West Mercia Police conducted a disciplinary investigation into the conduct of the three Federation reps.  It has been stated that West Mercia Police referred the investigation to the IPCC, who declined to investigate it, but made a decision to ‘Supervise’ the West Mercia disciplinary investigation.  To the best of my knowledge that is exactly what happened.

After conducting what I assume was a thorough investigation into the conduct of the 3 officers West Mercia Police announced that there was no evidence of Misconduct or Gross Misconduct on the part of the 3 Fed Reps.  That really should have been the end of it, but oh no, Deborah Glass, Deputy Chair of the IPCC and IPCC Commissioner for the LONDON area, decided that wasn’t good enough.

For some really obscure reason she has publicly stated that the West Mercia investigation, whilst carried out to her apparent satisfaction appears to have reached the wrong findings. She says that three Police Federation officials may have given a “deliberately misleading” account of a meeting with the Conservative MP, who has always denied calling officers in Downing Street “plebs.” and ”the evidence indicates an issue of honesty and integrity.”. Her organisation, the IPCC Supervised this enquiry from start to finish, and now she comes out and says something like that.  The I in IPCC stands for Independent, Really?

It truly doesn’t say much for the credibility and ability of the IPCC if she can go all loose cannon on us and come out with a statement like that which surely reflects as much on the IPCC as it does West Mercia Police.

Then, our revered Home Secretary, Theresa May, bundled into the arguement saying things like “she felt that disciplinary proceedings should have been taken against the Police Federation officers.” and “the IPCC’s report “made troubling reading”.

At the end of the day Andrew Mitchell has NEVER made a complainst against any Police Officers in relation to this matter.

Despite claims to the contrary, whilst he has been vociferous in denying what he was attributed as saying, he has not yet publicly stated what he DID say, although he maintains that he has a clear memory of what he said.

I can only conclude that this is another chapter in the ongoing war between the Government and the Police. The IPCC have chosen their side and stand alongside Andrew Mitchell and Theresa May.

As @OldBill_43 put it yesterday “I have had court cases resulting in acquittals. Would it be OK to issue press releases stating how convinced I am of their guilt?”

If this is British Justice at it’s best, Guity when found Innocent, then I fear for the future of our country.


11 thoughts on “People in Glass Houses – Remember That

  1. Spot on mate. Saint Andrew Mitchell now wants an apology for him swearing at cops. Is it just me?

    Regardless of all the shenanigans, does anyone truly believe that spending over a quarter mil on determining who said what word constitutes good use of public funds?

    • No Jim, I for one don’t think it’s a good use of public funds. But having so vociferously denied saying the P word, and in the transcript of his meeting with the 3 Fed Reps he states quite categorically that he can remember clearly what he DID say, I think he owes it to the public to tell us what he said. He can apparently co-operate with the IPCC by handing over his covert tape, why couldn’t he tell them what he said? Don’t they even want to know? I bet he wasn’t even asked.

  2. Well said Alan! Deborah Glass is a disgrace and she has no integrity, but that is the IPCC all over. They are anything but in dependant.

  3. So now Camoron has weighed in with his ridiculous spin. ” Mitchell has given a full account of the night in question, Mitchell was owed an apology and the 3 Fed Reps should be disciplined.” Well here’s the transcript of the meeting Please read it and tell me where the odious little man gives a full account of what he said.

    The government are quite clearly trying to demolish what little morale remains in the Police Service, I don’t know why Cruella doesn’t sack them all and employ G4S and have done with it. Put us all out of our misery.

    • Yes, Cameron lied at least 5 times within 2 consecutive PMQ sessions:

      16 Oct 2013

      1) AM “gave a full account of what had happened”
      Lie – AM didn’t give a full account (as you say)

      2) the 3 officers “claimed that he had given them no account at all”
      Lie – the 3 officers didn’t claim this at all.
      They claimed AM hadn’t given a full account – which was true.

      23 Oct 2013

      3) “as I said last week..gave a full explanation..”
      Lie – he didn’t say ‘explanation’ the previous week (16/10/13) at all.
      A full account means a detailed chronological description of the event, word by word – not provided by AM.
      A full explanation means provide the reasons for, or an understanding of why, an event happened and so – crucially – may exclude a word by word account altogether.
      Cameron switched to the easier & irrelevant ‘explanation’ because AM in the meeting did go to some length to explain why he loved the police & to explain why they loved him.

      4) AM “..gave a full explanation of what happened”
      Lie – AM didn’t give a full explanation either, only of topics which suited him. For example, he didn’t ‘explain’ what he said word by word – or therefore explain why.

      5) “The police in the meeting said that he gave no explanation”
      Lie – the 3 officers didn’t claim this at all.
      They claimed AM hadn’t given a full account – which was true.

  4. A good response from Bob Jones! As for Camoron, he lied again during PMQ’s when he said Mitchell had given a full account. I hope the odious and arrogant posh fool is voted out at the next election.

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