Definitive video shows Plebgate should not damage confidence in police

The CCTV that Channel 4 used appears to have had the time stamp tampered with on at least one of the tapes;
The odious Mitchell has never told us what he DID say, only what he claims he didn’t say;
He has yet to make any formal complaint against the officers concerned.
So how on earth does he have any credibility. All I actually want is for the TRUTH to come out, whatever that truth is.


The Chair of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, is quoted in today’s Sunday Telegraph and on BBC News as saying that

Public confidence in the police has been shaken after failures over the way officers responded to the Hillsborough disaster, and new disclosures over the “Plebgate” controversy

and calling for a public inquiry into policing.

Nobody can question that the Hillsborough disaster was a catastrophe for those affected by it, or that it cast the South Yorkshire police of the time in a very grim light. But to put that tragedy – which happened over 2 decades ago – alongside ‘disclosures over the “Plebgate” controversy” in order to describe public confidence in the police as ‘shaken’ is to give the supposed ‘disclosures’, by former Conservative Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell and his supporters via Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ programme, a weight and credence that they simply do not deserve.

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