If we must have a British FBI…

Nicely put, half-arsed, I like that


It would seem that there is a national need for a national police force. Whatever that need is, I have never really understood.

I personally don’t understand how we can have a new National Crime Agency without a Royal Commission on Policing or similar. Apparently, it’s more than rebranding SOCA, apparently it’s a new way we do national policing.

I’m sorry, it feels half arsed to me. In short, SOCA has been rebranded, CEOP (a good agency) has been subsumed and the troubled bits of the UKBA has been absorbed into the National Crime Agency.

And it’s clear that the Coalition have a brand in mind. They want the ‘NCA’ to be the British FBI. That’s clearly the brief which has been given to the media.

I pause at this stage and note, there’s nothing terribly ‘federal’ about the NCA. It’s got no powers to institute proceedings Scotland and only…

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3 thoughts on “If we must have a British FBI…

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  2. Welcome to the New World Order fledgling police force and state, where police and the public are no longer synonymous, but on opposite sides of the fence. Instead of looking after their fellow man they are controlling them.

    • I’m not completely sure that I agree with that Jane but everyone’s entitled to express their own views here. I do kind of agree with forthedefence that it is a half-arsed rebranding and as such I don’t see it posing much of a threat to Mr & Mrs Public. Time will tell

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