G4S, Brewery, Pissup

Well it doesn’t seem like they can.

If my interpretation of today’s news is correct HM Inspectors have absolutely slated G4S’ running of HMP Oakwood. It’s a nice, modern building,  not a Pentonville or a Brixton, but is still a shambles.

Attention-grabbing headlines include “It’s easier to get drugs than soap”, “Prisoners could not get a toilet roll”

On this evenings Regional News I even heard G4S’ running of the prison branded a disgrace!!

So the company that failed so spectacularly and publicly at the Olympic Games last year, and then found itself facing a criminal investigation for alleged fraud in a government contract has now seemingly failed again.

And apparently it’s still OK for them to bid for more, new government contracts cos Chris Grayling said it was OK.

It wasn’t so very long ago that this company was a firm favourite to benefit from some Police Service outsourcing. James P warned us all about that and look what happened to him, but what if he was right?

Does this company really have the appearance of a fit and proper company to be involved in any aspect of the Police/Judicial/Penal function? I don’t know the answer to that but I have my own opinion.  It’s just a shame that nobody who matters wants to hear it.


2 thoughts on “G4S, Brewery, Pissup

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  2. James will be proved right. Of that I have no doubt. If it wasn’t for his courage we would probably never have known the extent of the canker that has infected our Sovereign State. A canker that has been slowly but surely introduced by successive government employees, in whom we put our trust, who put private profit before the good of the nation.

    Soon there will be nothing left to sell and we will find ourselves bereft of any form of state social services or support for the individual, and will be at the tender mercies of profit driven private companies. Guess who major share holders in them will be.

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