The Parliamentary Hypocritical Oath

We must never forget that these are the people who MAKE our laws. they have no excuses for not abiding by them. They are quite happy for Police Officers to accept the intrusions and impositions on their private lives, and therefore should be willing to accept the same intrusions and impositions on their own private lives. They should be subject to disciplinary procedures broadly similar to those in place in the Police Service and other similar public services and the Armed Forces. Their conduct should be EXEMPLARY in all aspects of their lives. Anything less is simply not acceptable and any transgressions should be matched the appropriate sanctions.


Would you be happy if each Police and Crime Commissioner had the responsibility of writing their very own Police Regulations and code of conduct? If you believed an officer had broken the law or had breached the regulations would you be satisfied with letting the Commissioner decide whether to deal with it and if so, how to deal and that no matter what his/her decision it was final?

Would you be happy if you suspected somebody within your local school, hospital, fire and rescue service or any other section of the public sector of falsifying expenses or any other financial record and the ONLY people you could trust to look into it were a group of their own peers with vested interest?

I suspect that both answers would be a big fat NO.

Why then, are we happy for this to happen when it comes to Government? The one section…

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