Hands Up, Baby Hands Up……….

Sadly this is becoming reality for Dave’s Big Society. Our predecessors didn’t have such problems because the Police were respected by the Public, the criminals (don’t laugh it’s true) and the Government. I think that the majority of the Public still respect and support the police but the other two have long since changed their view. Good article Steely, sad, but good. Well written, literate Mr Winsor, and balanced.


OK. Today I’m going to start with a quick “show of hands” type thing.

Hands up all of you that think that the 20% cuts to the police are not having an adverse effect on the way that the police are able to do their job.

I see. Interesting. Mr Cameron, Mrs May and Mr Winsor, please put your hands down and sit on them. Now remain in that position until I’ve finished. Thank you.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I thought that due to the cuts imposed on the police, in the name of “reform”, that things would get worse, before they got better, and not just for the police.

In my opinion, the first duty of any government, is to protect its people.

In this country, this protection is usually carried out by the police and the armed services.


But how can the police protect the…

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