Social Media: The PC James Patrick case #PFTP

You’ve had RetiredandAngry, now read Grumpy’s view on the James Patrick case #PFTP

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Recent events have shown it’s obvious that our police forces, along with their senior management teams (and some other public sector organisations), aren’t as comfortable with their staff use of social media as they actually purport to be…

On the one hand they actively promote public engagement via these modern mediums of communication yet on the other, especially when something is said that senior managers aren’t comfortable with, the full weight of their ‘professional standards departments’ immediately swing into action and come crashing down on ‘miscreant’ staff.

But much of this heavy handed-handed action often results from; (1) a lack of clearly defined policy on the ‘correct’ use of social media and (2) a distinct lack of training and/or information before users are let loose with these powerful forms of communication.

In the early days of public sector blogging, particularly within the police service, many social media users tended to publish anonymously. Most of that anonymity was born…

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