Sad, sad tale of Camoron’s policies once again falling short, tragically so in this case it would seem

Pride's Purge

(not satire I’m ashamed to say)

In a heartbreaking letter to the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, a 13-year-old boy whose disabled father died of a heart attack after he had his benefits stopped has accused David Cameron’s “changes” to disability benefits of killing genuinely disabled people like his dad.

Most of his anger is directed at ATOS, the firm employed by the Department of Work and Pensions to assess whether disabled people are fit for work as part of the Con-Dem government’s drive to cut billions from the welfare bill.

In his letter, the boy says:

ATOS need to know their changes are killing genuine people like my dad. It has to stop before more people lose their lives.

But later in the letter, he also goes on to say:

So them (ATOS) and David Cameron need to see the bigger picture and know their changes are killing genuine…

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