The Front Line is being protected?

1st hand observations of a Front Line Response Team officer. Highly recommended reading


Well, that’s good then. We can all go about our daily business and sleep safely in our beds at night.

Except that’s not really accurate is it? Let me explain.

I work on a 24/7 Response Team, and if we turn out ten PCs on shift, I consider that we’re flush. Now ten PCs to cover the area that we have to cover aren’t really enough. In fact, on some days (or nights), if you doubled that number, we’d still struggle with demand.

So, working on the fact that we can turn ten PCs out of briefing, we all think that we’ve enough numbers to cope with the day’s events. But, to start with, we lose two of those PCs to go and patrol our areas of high crime. Now, that area of high crime may, or may not be within the areas that we cover from our police station…

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