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I had managed to get all the way through Question Time without succumbing to deep depression.  Even my deep-seated discomfort of all things Kirsty Allsopp had not deterred me.  (Incredibly cool patchwork pillowslips are as much anathema to me as perhaps a beyond beautiful macrame body bag would be to Kirsty)

So it was that I found myself still watching my TV when This Week came on, with guests Michael Portillo and Jacqui Smith.  Inevitably, the Andrew Mitchell saga was discussed. Gategate. Plebgate. Or however else you like to refer to it.  To their credit, the actual use of the word pleb towards the armed police officers guarding Downing Street was given short attention and the conversation quickly moved on to the bigger picture.  Something our press is finding most difficult, it would seem.

This is where it got really interesting.  Michael Portillo said words to the effect of  ‘There are…

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