NHS cancer research has been privatised. In case anyone’s interested

Welcome to Interserve, the G4S of the NHS

Pride's Purge

(Not satire – unfortunately)

(UPDATE – another private company ISS, not INTERSERVE are running the ICR services. My mistake.)

In yet more privatisation of the NHS, three more NHS Trusts have just handed their services over to a private company – Interserve.

I’m not sure anyone’s noticed, or is even all that interested, but another private company ISS has also taken over the running of the Royal Marsden NHS Trust which specialises in cancer care – and included in the deal was the world renowned UK Institute of Cancer Research.

The ICR is (was?) one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes and has (had?) charitable status. It is (was?) listed as one of the top four cancer centres in the world. It operates (operated?) as a charitable status and in its mission statement it states (stated?) that its research is for public benefit not private…

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