A really good blog from someone who has experienced the better side of policing, there isn’t much else to add really, says it all, brilliantly


This week in policing has certainly been a dark hour for the policing community or family. The murders of PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes shocked those of us who aren’t involved in policing as much as it wounded those who are part of the thin blue line.  There is a sense of community (as demonstrated by #coverforGMP) in policing which is positive, protective, brave, unselfish and necessary as they deal with people and situations in which you or I would leg it fast the other way: The people that spit on them, the wee, the puke, the grief. Mostly, 99% of time they deal fairly and humanely with people that we might avoid as mad, bad or too dangerous.

This vocation is not about pay or pensions but a sense of care for the public and to keep us safe. The death of PC Dibell last year demonstrates…

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