Poem by PC Amie Holland in tribute to PC’s Fiona Bone & Nicola Hughes, GMP

Lovely, touching poem, brought a tear to a crusty eye, well done Amie

Constable Chaos - UK Police Blog

I am currently a serving GMP Police Constable working on the Bolton Division. I did not know the girls personally, but a loss of two of our own is felt across the force. Therefore I wanted to do something to honour their memory. I have written this poem and I dedicate it to my two incredibly brave colleagues. I want to share this poem with as many people as possible and it has already received almost 1,000 likes and over 100 comments on Facebook in just 24 hours. I am speechless at the response my poem has received and have been truly humbled by some of the comments I have received. I dedicate it to the G Division’s two brave officers. Rest in peace girls xx

The alarm clock goes off, it’s early in the morn,
I rub my eyes as I let out a yawn.
As I dress my…

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