My MP Couldn’t Do My Job For All The Tea In China

An absolutely brutally honest blog, a must-read for anyone who is even vaguely concerned about their pensions or the ConDems and their ‘Reforms’.

@DI_RayCarling's Blog

For a matter of minutes recently I mulled over this;

Do I follow our Federation advice and lobby my MP Gareth Johnson over police pension reforms / theft (*edit as you see fit ) or do I roll over, like too many of my colleagues are doing and just accept that the government will do to us as they please?

Unfortunately too many of my colleagues have demonstrated the most embarrassing apathy over this, asking me why I would bother going to see a Tory MP. “You aren’t going to change anything.” “Their minds made up, you’re wasting your time” etc etc. This apathy is once again highlighted by the fact only 44,000 signatures have been entered onto the petition started by the excellent Sergeant Nigel Tompsett ( despite there being over 130,000 police officers nationwide.

For me there was only one answer. The…

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