Policing numbers is Warwickshire

Steve B’s concerns on our Shrinking Police Service

Steve Bs' thinking space

Alan Wright posted some up to date information  on police force numbers the other day and asked “How does this affect your force?” in an accompanying Tweet.

I have been thinking about this in relation to Warwickshire constabulary – the force that is responsible for policing the area where I live and believe that the current and future reductions in police officer numbers will have a negative impact on crime in Warwickshire and that the short term savings will result in a long term increase in crime.

In the last 12 months Warwickshire has lost 75 officer and now has a total of 844 police officers. That is it there are no more just 844 in total from Constable to Chief Constable and all ranks in between uniform and detective.

According to Alan Plaskitt a prospective PCC for Warwickshire the HMIC report predicts that frontline officers will fall from 810 to…

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